Saturday, April 19, 2014

Box Lunch

I made box lunches almost for the first time in a year.

My daughter's family has moved to a new apartment recently.
Settlement in a new place is certainly exciting but at the same time it is quite tiredsome, particulary for a family with an infant.
Therefore I made box lunches for them.

This is for my granddaughter.
She loves Sesami Street. She loves Ernie and Bert.
Me? I love Counting Bats:)
She never expected to find her favorite characters in the box.
So she was very surprized and freezed when opening it
and then wisperd "wow! Ernie and Bert!!"
At first she hesitated to eat their eyes and noses but once starting,
she just couldn't stop eating and ate the whole lunch in a short time.

This is for grown-ups.
I had to wake up very early to prepare it
but I really enjoyed cooking a large variety of dishes.
The most difficult part for me is how to pack them beautifully in the boxes.

Anyway those box lunches made our lunch break enjoyable on the moving day.


Tabor said...

The Japanese have it over almost all of the world and certainly the U.S. in creating lovely AND healthy food! Are the Burt and Ernie heads rice?

middle-angel said...

Tabor, yes, their face were made with rice. Ernie was made with tomato ketchup sauce for infant and Bert with curry sauce also for infant. Eyes are made with potato and seaweed and noses with carrot.

non said...

Hi~ angel san
Long time no see. (^-^)/

You were very busy for care to granddaughter,weren't you?

It'a lovely lunch box for granddaughter and
the lunch box for adult are very
beutiful and gorgeous!

I still have no gurandchild.
But my sister's granddaughter is 2 years old,pretty girl.(^^)/
Sometimes I have lunch with my mother and sister and her daughter and granddaughter.

Recently,I started a new blog
[konogoroomoukoto],It was a part of my HP (same title)before.

middle-angel said...

‘Hi, non chan. Soooo glad to see you here again.
Time flies! I am struggling with hectic days with 2 and 1/2 year old. It is very enjoyable but at the same time it requires me a lot of energy and patience.
It is nice to hear that you have started a new blog!!
I will visit you there later. Thanks for sharing the information.