Monday, March 03, 2014

Long Time No See

It's been quite some time since my last post. Just unbelievable!! THe main reason is that I started taking care of my granddaughter during daytime because my daughter went back to work in the beginning of May 2013 after 20 months of maternity and child care leave. Being with an infant for about 8 hours a day is very exciting for sure but exhausting as well. Anyway so far so good. We have been getting alone quite well. MM(my granddaughter) is 28 months old now. Time flies... She is very active, talkative but very shy of strangers. Today she has a bit high fever and our family-get-together dinner for cerebrating my hubby's 57th birthday and the Girl's Festival have postponed. Hope she will get well soon so that we can get together and have a good time next weekend.

She loves animals.

She is absorbed in blowing soap bubbles. 


Tabor said...

This is the best rerun of your life. Glad you are enjoying it.

middle-angel said...

Thank you, Tabor. I do really enjpy spending time with MM.
She takes after my daughter a lot and reminds me of the time I brought up my daughter.

Anonymous said...
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