Friday, March 07, 2014

Life is Beautiful

Her name is Misao Okawa and she is now spending her quiet life in a nursing home in Osaka, western Japan. Wearing a new pink kimono with a red flower in her hair, she looks so happy. Her smile is very cute, isn't it? Recently she celebrated her 116th birthday. Amazing!! I saw the three digit number candles on a birthday cake for the first time in my life:) The world's oldest woman said that tips for longevity were very simple, just eating a good meal and reluxing.

You never know when your grand finale of your life comes. But one thing for sure is that nobady can live foreever. According to the statistics, average life span for women in Japan is 86 yerars now, which means I may still have about 30 years to go. (I can't deny tha possibility that my life come to an end tomorrow all of sudden though...) What do I like to do for the rest of my life? Whatever it is, my health condition is the most important key to make it come true.

Eating a good meal and reluxing...

I try to keep the phrase in mind so that I may be able to live healthy untill the very last day of my life.


Tabor said...

We do not get out of this life alive, but if we can leave with a smile like that, we have done well.

middle-angel said...

Exactly, Tabor!
I wonder how do I feel at the very last moment? If it is satisfaction and gratification, I think I have done well.

Anonymous said...
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