Thursday, March 07, 2013

Annual Family Reunion

It is a typical warm spring day today, a bit worried about the pollution air from China though... Looking at the sky over the peach blanch, I think about the annual reunion held last weekend. We celebrated the second Girl's Day for MM (my granddaughter) and my hubby's 56th birthday. It is 16 months since MM was born. We became the quintet family then and I believe we have performed a good harmony so far.

They are ready to welcome MM. The red piano is a present from my mother in law
and the yellow Rody is from my hubby and me.

They became good friends instantly, or perhaps I should say MM made Rody her servant?

She was very excited at the sounds the piano created.

She wanted to get the queen sitting on the top step.
Sorry, you can't play with her.

The special Hina Doll Plate my daughter prepared for MM.
So cute, isn't it?

Dinner I prepared for adults.
After MM went to bed, we enjoyed a good conversation over a little special dinner.

Digital photo frame given to my hubby from his daughter and son in law.
It is a good present for a busy person who can't see his granddaughter very often.

The next family reunion is scheduled during Golden Week Holidays. I'm eagerly waiting for the day to come.