Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Day We Exchange Love

I know it is a late posting because Valentine's Day is already gone.
However I just want to put here how I felt that day.

I guess many many people all over the world had a happy, joyful and contented with love time on the special day.
It is such a good opportunity for you to show how you love and care the people who mean a lot to you . And at the same time it is also a good opportunity for you to realize how you are loved and cared by the people around you no matter how often you see each other or how far you live from each other.

On Valentine's Day this year, I got a lot of people's love and it made me very very happy.

This is the love shown to me by my son in law.
My daughter Akiko met him in 2007, got married him legally in Autumn 2009.
At the moment "trio de family," which lasted for 33 years since Akiko was born, changed into "quartet de family." They had a wedding ceremony in Tahiti in January 2010, hold a wedding reception in May 2010.
Akiko gave a birth to a baby girl in November 2011 and "quartet de family" changed into "Quintet de family."
My son in low has been a good husband and father so far. In addition he is a good son to us, too, always showing his consideration, kindness and warm-heart to us.
The animal trio in the picture isn't for me but for our granddaughter MM. they are so cute that I took a picture of them with the box I was given.
It is 15 months since we formed "quintet de family" and we never heard an inharmonic tone so far.

I didn't expect a Valentine's chocolate from MM! Thank you!
Grandma is so happy and your message made me even much happier. I love you:)

Lots of love from other people, too.
How can I consume all of these boxes without gaining weight? (wry smile) 

Monday, February 04, 2013

Specially for Him

His birthday is tomorrow, but he said that had a lunch appointment with somebody tomorrow, and so I made a box lunch specially for him today, one day earlier though...

My brother in law has never got married in his life and as a single, he lives just as he pleases.
It seems to me that he has everything he needs and I wondered for the past few days what would be a good birthday present for him. And then I just came across making a box lunch, a bit special box lunch for him.
I hope he likes this present because I guess he has no luck with this kind of hand-made lunch.