Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I'm someone's daughter and someone's mother.
Mother's Day reminds me of such things in the past few years. Oh yes, as some of you know, I'm now someone's grandmother, too.

Of course I love the bag. But what makes me even happier is the process that they chose the present. I can create an image of them taking a stroll in a shop, picking some candidates up and making their mind finally, "Yes!! Mom looks good with it!"
Hubby and I went on a cinema date and this was my bag for yesterday.
Happy Mother's Day!!

Visited mom at the hospital after cinema. Yesterday she was very talkative, which made me very happy. Looking at the flowers I brought, she said "How beautiful and looks really tasty!" Tasty?? Oh, poor mom... Eating used to be one of her pleasures. We had lunch out on many occasions and enjoyed being together as mom and daughter in the past... I wish she could take nourishment by mouth, not through the intravenous catheter.
Happy Mother's Day!!

We got home from the hospital in the early evening, finding a delivery notice in our front door pocket.
I wasn't sure what and why she sent me but anyway made a phone call for redelivery.
It was assorted various kinds of tea bags in a book-like box.
The card attached to the present goes as follows.

"I'm not good at remembering someone's birthday...
As we don't have a particular day to celebrate for someone special like you,
I would like to express my gratitude to you on this occasion.
Of course you are not my mom, but you are always there for me whenever I need some help and advice.
Thank you for being with me and showing love always..."

She is my good friend's daughter. It was a big surprise because I've never thought that she thinks me like that.
I love the present as well as her affection.
Happy Mother's Day!!