Monday, April 30, 2012

A Morning Walk

Koinobori or carp streamers put up beside the Kii-Nyu River near my house. I wish there would have been breeze to make them fly against the blue sky... Anyway I enjoyed a morning walk along the riverside.

It is in the middle of Golden Week Holidays in Japan.
As it is a pleasant season for traveling, many Japanese go on a trip despite significant higher rates for transportations and hotels.
I don't like crowded places, so usually stay home rather than going somewhere in this period.
A morning walk is a very easy way to refresh myself both in mind and body.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Separation

I'm not sure but maybe this is my first Iranian film.
Sometimes it is very difficult to say which is right, which is wrong, or which is white, which is black...
The director gave us an opportunity to think about it through the film.
With the consideration of social and religious background in Iran, again it is very difficult for me as Japanese to make everything clear.
I'm still curious about the decision the daughter finally made at the very last scene, which was left unrevealed in the film. Very impressive!
If I were in the daughter's situation, which would I choose to be with? Father? Or mother?
Separation, such a painful decision...

A Separation - Official Trailer - You Tube

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Symbol of Japanese Spring

Cherry blossoms I saw on the way back from grocery shopping.
Beautiful and fragile in a gentle spring rain...

Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Iron Lady

The opening scene, where an old lady was buying some milk at a supermarket, was very impressive. Meryl Streep was just marvelous!! Her hair and make-up was quite resembling Margaret Thatcher in appearance, her behavior as an ordinary old was very natural, her queen's English was perfect (I guess), and particularly her performance showing differences between the iron lady in the past and an ordinary old woman with dementia living with her late husband’s hallucination now. Speaking of Meryl Streep, "Kramer Kramer" has been the best in my mind for a long time, but "The Iron Lady" definitely took its place now.