Saturday, March 31, 2012


A bunch of flowers given to me by my hubby with a card saying "You made it despite of various constraints! Graduation doesn't mean just an end. Every end is another start. You have just opened a new door in front of you. Congratulations! "

The day before the commencement ceremony, I had a slight headache probably because of a long nap or an allergic hey fever. But anyway the next morning, I graduated from University of Air in Psychology and Education; it took me 5 years to get the diploma though...

Now I would like to extend my great appreciation to everyone who supported me in various ways throughout my school life, particularly Tabor, one of the bloggers I met on the internet world 8 years ago, who gave me a supportive push at the beginning.   

I started expressing myself here in this blog in 2004. 12 years is quite some time, isn' it? Posting is always done in English, which is my second language, so that far more people can read compared to postings in Japanese. Recently I don't post so frequently but I have met many bloggers here so far and the number of the readers now is over 70, which is remarkable!

If my memory is right, Tabor is the first foreigner who left a comment to my posting.
Her comment was very impressive and convincing.
Here I would like to express special thanks to her by sharing my posting back on September 3, 2004 and her comment to it with bloggers

In this season, students in the States go back to school.
After a long vacation with various events like summer camp or internship program, college students head back to school.
Preparing for the new school year is kind of exciting. Stocking up on new school equipment, buying autumn clothes, and even packing with a lot of food and sweets.
Imagine yourself being on campus! Imagine yourself seeing your friends again! Imagine yourself living in a new dorm with a new roommate! How exciting!
It's been quite for a while since I left campus. I wish I could be there again as a student.
I know it's almost impossible, but if possible, if I have a chance, I do want to study counseling psychology at college either in Japan or the States. This is one of my dreams.

Tabor said...

That dream is certainly possible, and if it something you really wish for...don't let it slip away. This dream can come true!

3 years later I enrolled at the university and graduated from it this spring.
My dream finally completed.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ami, Child of the Stars

Finished reading a little while ago. It was an interesting and convincing concept to me that we have 2 brains, one in head and the other in mind, and keeping a good balance between them is very important.
Education nowadays, I think, focuses too much on intellectual development. We should take a look more at social and emotional development.
The original title is "Ami, el niƱo de las estrellas" Translated into 11 different languages and I read the Japanese edition. Momoko Sakura's illustration was really cute.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Momo's First Girl's Day

I have displayed the Hina Dolls for my daughter since she was born, however I did it especially for my granddaughter Momo this year for her first Girl's Day.
Every year family get-together dinner (or lunch in some occasions) is held on March 3 celebrating both Girl's Day and hubby's birthday. However it was held a week behind this year as I had a sticky cold that took me 3 weeks to get over. Persistent cough was really annoying.

Momo with Hina Dolls. She doesn't seem very interested in them.

After Momo went to bed, we started a late dinner. As it was March 10, the day before we marked the first anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, I did realize how happy we were to get together like this.