Sunday, January 22, 2012


Gloomy Sunday morning. Looking back yesterday, I'm wondering what makes such big differences?

At the family-get-together lunch, being celebrated her 83 year birthday, my mom in law was very vigorous and cheerful. She was very pleased with the flowers we prepared.

After the lunch, hubby and I visited my mom (85 years old) in the hospital. It is about 3 weeks since she transferred to this hospital and seemed much weaker compared to the last time we visited her. Now she can hardly recognize me. I expected her descent to somw extent, however the reality is much severer than that.
Again I wonder what makes such big differences between them. That's why I'm interested in gerontology, I guess...

Recently I read the following books.
Aging with Grace

Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year of Dragon 2012

Whatever happens, time never stops.
We Japanese experienced an unprecedented catastrophe last year and still so many challenges and difficulties ahead despite of a massive rebuilding effort done so far. However we must go on...
May the year of dragon brings hope, good health, and happiness to everyone in the world!! 

Saying good by to the year of rabbit and hello to the year of dragon.
Our annual event. :D

The dawn on the New Year's Day.
The shrine, I usually stop by while walking every morning,
is ready to welcome the New Year.

Momo, our granddaughter was born in November last year,
which was the most joyful thing for my family.
She is now 2 months old. As you can see, she loves bathing a lot.

I will do anything I can for this little fingers.