Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meaningful Victory

Nadeshiko Japan members came back to Japan this morning. I have seen their best and brightest smiles over and over again on a TV screen since then. Their splendid achievement of winning the FIFA Women's World Cup Championship gave us a tremendous encouragement and hope for sure.

It is already more than 4 months since March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster, but we are still struggling in the long way of reconstruction and forced to live in an invisible radiation fear every day due to our ineffective leader and his government. Not only I but also many other people, I believe, have been getting disappointed with our own country. Nadeshiko Japan's triumph far better than our expectation made us realize again how beautiful our flag of the rising sun is. Through world sports events, we build up nationalism, patriotism, or strong love toward our country if I put them in plain words. In that sense, their victory at this time is quite meaningful.

Their resilience against the last ditch was awesome! Without such a miracle in the penalty shootout, they couldn't have made such a fairytale victory. They remind us of never give up mind that we Japanese have deep in our soul.