Friday, June 10, 2011

Retirement Life

My friend came and visited me at my condo yesterday. We enjoyed catching up with each other over a big lunch. She is a year older than I, and her husband retired a few years ago. Now they are leading Everyday-is-Sunday life. I'm very curious about what their new life style is because my retirement life is not so far away from now. Through the conversation I sort of figured out what is important and what is not for a positive retirement life.

I'm not sure if it is true for everyone, but for me having my own pleasure as well as enjoying shared interests with hubby is one of the keys after his retirement. Being together at 24/7 basis for the rest of our lives is quite some time, isn't it? Of course I love my husband but it might be needed to keep an appropriate distance from each other for a good relationship.

And what is not important for me, which is also a very personal view though, is a periodical health check-up. With consideration of my age, as long as I feel fine with my body and soul, I don't want to be forced to find out a disease that I haven't had symptoms of yet.

Appropriate amount of money, good health with positive mind and something you can enjoy yourself...
I would like keep them in mind to make the final stage of my life fulfilled as much as possible.