Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dinner Tonight

"I don't eat meat for a while," declared hubby.

The day before yesterday, in the midnight, he felt dizzy due to the high blood pressure.
Reading of 140/100 is not serious but bad enough to make him depressed.
OK. Then I made a Japanese cuisine without meat.
Pumpkin is rich in Kalium or potassium in English, which is good for hypertension.
I prepared kiwi fruit for dessert that was also rich in Kalium.
Beer? Of course not. It may be more difficult for him to keep away from booze than meat, I guess. (wry smile)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


The day before yesterday I picked mom up at the nursing home and took her to the hospital for a monthly check-up. With the consideration of her age, the result was favorable. Her dementia is slightly worse but not as bad as I thought. Having lunch together at the restaurant on the sixth floor of the hospital over a nice view, I wondered how much time was left for us to get together and have such a peaceful time.

This morning I received a picture book from Amazon. It was a surprise present given by my daughter. Every page reminds me of the hectic but very precious parental days. Time goes by... Now she is expecting her first child. I just can't wait to see him? her?
I'm a daughter, mother and going to be a grandmother this fall.