Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Year of Rabbit

It is already a week since we opened the door of 2011. The older I get, the more I realize that time flies.
During New Year's holidays, our daughter, son in law, and her best friends (along with kids) from her high school days came to visit us. We ate a lot, chat a lot, and enjoyed reunion a lot.

This is our New Year's table. Precisely speaking, this is not a typical Japanese New Year's food but the style like using gorgeous tiered boxes is very traditional and still popular in these days.

2011 is the year of rabbit in Chinese astrological calendar.
I was born in the year of rabbit. And this coming autumn, I will turn to be 60 years old.
60th year of one's life is considered very meaningful and important in Japan. It is a new beginning of the latter half of life as one's life expectancy, if fulfilled, is considered 120 years in eastern point of view. Usually on 60th anniversary celebration, people get something red as a present. If possible I would like a cool scarlet hat. Maybe I should ask hubby or my daughter or even my son in law (wry smile) beforehand.