Monday, November 22, 2010

Box Lunch

"I want to bring a box lunch to the office everyday if possible..."
It was at the end of September when my husband asked me euphemistically.
"All right. I will make one every day," I responded without hesitation. Box lunches might contribute not only to his healthy life but also saving money.

Almost 2 months have passed since then. So far I've made 33 box lunches.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Where is her birth family?

Several years have passed since I started studying Korean language.
The more I learn about South Korea by doing so, The more I realize I don't know about the country. But it is always intersting for me to get to know the neighboring coutry's various cultures. Some of them are similar and some of them are quite different.

Recently I became to know about Korean overseas adoption program through 2 movies, one was "Une Vie Toute Neuve," or "A Traveler" in English and the other was "Take Off Trailer."
Then I have encountered a woman in real life via twitter who is currently looking for her birth family via her blog, twitter and facebook.
Her online name is red pants and no shoes because she was wearing red pants and no shoes when she was found by the Yeongdeungpo police station in Soeul.
I do really hope that she will be able to get a lot of information and be reunited with her birth Omma and Aboji (mom and dad). I just would like to share her story with you.