Friday, October 22, 2010

Haneda International Airport

Yesterday Haneda Airport inaugurated a new international terminal and has become a 24-hour grobal aviation hub. The news, which have been repeatedly broadcasted, reminds me of my first trip to the United States from the airport almost 40 years ago. Back in those days Haneda was the only one international airport in Japan, and I still vividly remember the scene I waved to my parents and sister who came to see me. It surely was an adventure for a young girl to go abroad alone to study then. Such a sweet and sentimental memory...

Time flies.My father died in 2007 and now we have 3 international airports. If I have a chance some day, I would like to fly to the US again from Haneda Airport although Air Siam, the first international flight I took from Tokyo to Hawaii, ceased its service in 1977.