Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Best Season for Reading

I have a slight back pain this morning. Better not go for a walk.
Hubby has just left for work though it is Sunday today, so I might stay home all day long reading "Mortal Memory" written by Thomas H. Cook.
I have finished about 1/3 of it and now I guess I know how the story ends. Still it is interesting for a psychologically minded people like me because it depicts each character precisely and mysteriously on the other hand through the lead character's memory, who was the only survivor from the tragedy. 
The best season for reading, isn't it? Don't have to cook dinner? Yes!!!! We have leftover Oden from yesterday.(*^.^*)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Early Autumn 2010

Hubby and I went to Kaida Kogen in Nagano pref. in the first weekend of September. The weather was much cooler than Kansai region, giving us a sense of the upcoming autumn. Our favorite place, my favorite season...

We left home at 1:00AM and arrived there around 6:00.
The sun was just about to show up.
The temperature was 16 degrees Celsius.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Saury, an Autumn Taste

Dinner a few days ago.
We usually eat sanma or saury in English cooked in Japanese style, but the other day we enjoyed Italian style.
According to newspapers, we Japanese consumers face higher prices for sanma this year due to the extraordinarily hot weather.
However I got them 100 yen per each. Viva sanma!!