Saturday, April 10, 2010

April in Japan

Again it is time for cherry blossoms.
April is the beginning of the school year and many companies' fiscal year. And we see many freshmen attending entrance ceremonies held by schools and companies here and there in this season.
The cherry blossoms, usually at their best in April, are therefore the symbols of a new life and a new start. That's why we Japanese have some sort of special feelings for cherry blossoms.

Last weekend we went to Koyaguchi Park, located in my town with an hour walk from our house. The park is very famous for it's beautiful cherry blossoms. About 500 Someiyoshino there, the most common type of cherry trees in Japan, were at their best.

Many people, mostly families, sat wherever they liked, enjoying Saturday afternoon. The weather was fine, and gentle breeze sometimes let the petals flutter to the lunch box, hubby's jeans and my shoes. What an elegant view! Cherry blossom viewing is one of the typical ways for us Japanese to enjoy spring.

We were there for about 3 hours just sitting and viewing cherry blossoms. Time went very slowly...