Tuesday, December 29, 2009

With Father's Love

Specially made by hubby.
These rice bowls, only 2 in the world, are wedding gifts for our daughter.
Matured woman in her early 30s now, our daughter is still fond of Snoopy.
She may be an innocent small girl even now in hubby's mind.
Although the drawing is not good (said by hubby), he made them for her and her husband with all his heart.
We are looking forward to how our daughter reacts when opening the box.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Over Christmas Dinner

Hubby came home late yesterday, but as planed we had a bit special dinner.
It should have been a merry time but a TV news I saw the other day made me gloomy a little.

The TV news is...

A pupil came into the nursing office seeking help for his starving.
Asked if he has had dinner the night before, he weakly denied. He confessed that almost every day he could only have school lunch provided by school.
Only one meal a day?
The scene that he bit into the leftover bread given by the school nurse brought tears to my eyes.

It is said that such pupils are increasing in these days due to stagnating recession.
Most of their parents are unemployed, or if not unemployed, facing dramatically decreasing working hours.

According to the recent announcement by government, unemployment rate in October is 5.1%. Severe reality hit a lot of children in many ways.

On Christmas Eve children go to bed with excitement and a big expectation. I wonder if the pupil above got something nice on Christmas day.
God bless such children all!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Late Autumn in Japan

At the end of last month hubby took me to Negoro Temple, a 30minutes drive from our house, to see beautiful autumn leaves.
I had several things to do that day but couldn't refuse the temptation.

The weather was fine and turning leaves fulfilled my expectation, a bit early for their best though...

We stayed about an hour strolling in the temple. It was a weekday and not so many people were there.