Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leaving for Seoul

I'm leaving for Seoul this evening. This is the 5th visit. My first trip to Seoul was in winter, 1995 and I took my mom with me then. For the next 3 visits, my daughter was the travel mate. But this time I'm going with hubby. For him this is the first visit to Seoul. How exciting!
Whether he will like it there depends on how well I introduce such a fascinating and modern city still having traditional atmosphere at the same time to him, doesn't it?

As hubby seems to be a little tired due to busy days, I will take him to Buochon Hanok Village with traditional houses and culture. In this season it might be very relaxing to walk around there. Hope he will be able to forget about everything about his work while we are there.

Another purpose in this trip for myself is to find out whether my Korean language has been forward or backward. I believe that I can handle Korean needed for traveling. This time I would like to know if I can make myself understood in random chatting using Korean as perfect as possible, particularly in grammatical matters. I'm looking forward to have a chance to talk to local people.

Before everything, I now have to do packing!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October, Such a Special Month

As some of my bloggers know, autumn is my favorite season. Especially I love October because precious anniversaries in my life are all in this month.

Born in October, got married in October, gave a birth to my daughter in October...
Now... I'm very happy to add another anniversary.
Our daughter finally accepted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend after seeing with each other for 2 years, and they had their marriage registered yesterday, an auspicious day on the Japanese calendar.
They said that they would have a wedding ceremony in Tahiti in mid January next year followed by a post-wedding party in Japan.

Bride is 31 and the bridegroom is 32, matured enough to build a happy home.
As long as I know, my newly son-in-law is a nice person with sunny personality and loves my daughter so strong as to change her mind.

An ideal wife is any woman who has an ideal husband.
And vice versa... I think.
Anyway they have just begun their new life.