Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Toilet Lanches

What do you do in a toilet cubicle?
I know everybody answers in a flash, "Relieve myself, of course!" That's quite natural.
However the things in Japan have changed in these days, particularly in university toilets.

According to an article in Asahi weekly, a tabloid paper, students, having difficulty in communication with people, prefer to shut themselves inside toilet cubicles to eat.
They are actually isolated on campass and thus have no friends to eat lunch with.
Then why don't they eat alone at the cafeteria? They don't want to do it just because they don't want themselves being watched while eating alone.

Hmmm, strange phenomenon...
I wonder if many young people find it difficult to socialize with people. If so, that's a problem.

This is a plate lunch I had yesterday.
I can't imagine myself eating it in such a small space where people reliese themselves.