Friday, July 24, 2009

President Obama

It is about 6 months since he became the 44th President of the United States and moved into White House. Although recent approval rating for him has decreased due to his policy for health care reform, he is still a much better leader than our prime minister.

Recently I sometimes listen to his speeches while walking as a daily routine. It is very interesting, convincing and helps me to brush up my listening ability in English.

According to the newspaper, it is likely that he is coming to Japan this November.
Our leader, Prime Minister Taro Aso dissolved the Lower House recently, setting the stage for an Aug. 30 general election. I don't know if the DPJ finally wrest power from the LDP as many people expected. No matter who takes the Prime Minister's chair, I hope the first talk with President Obama will be fruitful.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

In these Days

According to the calendar, today is "Taisho," or the hottest day in summer.
That's why it's been very hot and humid since even in the early morning.
I know I have to prepare for the end-term test starting this coming Saturday, but this scorching weather makes me lose my drive. Sigh...

Yesterday people were attracted by the total eclipse of the sun, visible in Japan in 46 years. Everybody looked up in the sky to watch a dramatic spectacle in the universe. I myself couldn't see it but I remember I was an elementary school student 46 years ago, watching the total eclipse of the sun with my classmate in the playground of our school.
Next total eclipse of the sun visible in Japan is in 2035. I will be 84 years old then. May I live so long? I doubt it. Instead I may be able to observe the next annular solar eclipse in 2012. If so, I want to see a romantic sun's ring!

The day before yesterday my niece visited us with her son. We enjoyed lunch together.

This is for 2-year-old boy. It was very difficult to make Anpanman vivid. Anyway I'm glad that the boy recognized the animation character and ate them up. (laugh)

This is for grown-ups.

Side dishes.