Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dinner Alone

Father's Day is coming closer. On the day, many daddies will probably be given a biiiig hug with love, nice presents and precious time together with their sons and daughters.

Our daughter invited hubby to a special date the day before yesterday, though it was a little earlier. They spent the whole day together and hubby stayed over night at out our daughter's. Actually I was invited, too. I did appreciate for her offer but declined because I wanted them to spend time just two of them alone so that they can cement a close bond of father-and-daughter affection between them.To make up for my lonely night, I made Korean dinner.

Korean food culture is very attractive. Particularly I love their way of eating meat, wrapping it up with veritables. In this way we can eat a lot of vegetables. I guess it is their thought that medicine and food come from the same source.
Chamisul is very strong to me and I got drunk that night. (laugh)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Masterpiece

A salad bowl made by hubby.
Why masterpiece? Because he has put in quite a lot of money for the pottery class tuition and materials in the past. :-P
When he made a pair of rice bowls last time, some pot clay was left.
So he utilized it and made this bowl. A little smaller than expected but it is fun for me to think about various dishes to be served in the bowl.

By the way, WHO finally declared Swine Flu as a global pandemic today due to the fact that human-to-human infection was confirmed in Australia, in the southern hemisphere.
In Japan, compared to the last month, the situation currently is calmed down. We can get masks easily at any drag stores. So far 566 cases have been reported.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Got married

Not my daughter (wry smile) but my niece got married at the end of May. Wedding ceremony was carried out at a small church solemnly, followed by a cozy reception in the evening as the bride and bridegroom had planned.

At the ceremony, despite of my anxiety, my brother walked down the aisle without stepping on the wedding dress, escorting the bride proudly but looked somewhat lonely which was a common feeling a bride's father had. He shed a lot of tears of joy mixed with loneliness in the ceremony and the reception.

A pair of rice bowls made by hubby as a wedding present for the brand new couple.
They were displayed on the welcome table at the entrance of the reception hall.
Eating is very important for one's healthy life, not only physically but also emotionally at the same time. We hope those bowls will contribute to create a happy dinner time day after day.

Bouquet toss

Bouquet toss has been a very popular wedding custom for years even in Japan. However the custom is nowadays taken a bit differently by single women around 30. Recently I've found an interesting article about it on the internet. It says that single women around 30 claim that the custom is a kind of sexual harrasment. When asked, they spoke out how they felt when their names were called loudly and were forced to be in front of the bride for catching a bouquet. Most people at the reception don't realize their reluctance. As a result those women become hesitant to show up at a wedding reception.

I don't know who got the bouquet my niece tossed that day. It is certain at least that it wasn't my daughter :-D