Monday, February 09, 2009

80th Anniversary and Annual Family Trip

Life span is getting longer and longer. It can be said particularly in Japan.

According to the announcement by Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry in 2007, average life span expected for men and women are 79.19 years and 85.99 years respectively.

My mom in law celebrated her 80th anniversary last month. She is quite healthy and active, moreover still very young in mind.

She shows her affection to every member of the family by giving chocolates on Valentine's Day every year.

The one she gave me this year is very beautiful. Isn't it art? This is exactly her taste and I like it very much!

We took a family trip to Kushimoto in the end of last year, in the southern part of Japan, where it is famous with delicious seafood and hot spring.

Nothing special but spending time together in a resort area gave us an opportunity to thank that everyone in the family were good in health and able to welcome another new year.

Delicious food always makes us cheerful and talkative!

The weather was just wonderful. I like this picture as the red gateway to the shrine sets off the picture.

Hashikui Iwa, one of the best scenic places in Nanki area designated as a national natural treasure. More than 40 strange shaped rocks are in a raw, rising from the seashore of Kushimoto toward Oshima Island, 850m away from the seashore.

This strange scenery has an anecdote.
In the ancient times, Amanojaku, one of the Japanese evil spirits famous for mimicking and reading man's mind, asked if Kukai, a famous Japanese monk, could construct a bridge from Kushimoto to Oshima Island overnight.
It wasn't a difficult task for Kukai and he started construction. However when he completed construction of the posts, Amanojyaku cheated Kukai by mimicking a rooster call. Kukai thought the day broke and stopped construction. That's why the scenery is as if only bridge piles have been left. Did you enjoy the story?