Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Sort of Telepathy?

A few years ago, hubby started a new business project. Since then he has been busy and even on weekends he often goes out for work. I fully understand his situation and also have many things to do that made me busy both officially and privately. I never ever worry about how to kill time all by myself.

However somehow I can't get rid of lonely feeling in these days.
The day before yesterday hubby suddenly asked me to go out for refreshing.
I didn't know he took a day off that day. Is he a good mind reminder? (laugh)

Really? Where are we going?
He proposed visiting a temple just a 30 minute-drive from home.
Can we enjoy beautiful turning leaves at this time of the year?
With willing haste, I made lunch with what was in the fridge.

There were only a few small groups, perhaps retired people, in Kanshinji-Temple. Very calm and comfortable... It was a gloomy and cold day but I enjoyed a good smell of the air in the spacious temple pricincts. Leaves have just begun turning red. In a few weeks they will be at their best. Shall we come again around that time?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Unique Relationship

When Mr. Obama and his supporters were exploding in exultation over his landslide victory in the presidential election, another Obama, a small town in the archipelago far from the vast continent, is also very exited at the big news.

Is this ridiculous? No, if anything, it certainly is amusing.

A few days later, over a telephone talk with our leader Aso, Mr. Obama mentioned that he felt a sense of closeness to Japan as he had visited there many times. What surprised me more is that he took up the town of Obama in the conversation and showed his intention of visiting the town if the future situation permits.

I'm not sure how the relationship between the US and Japan will develop. I hope this trifle common point will help the both countries make their relationship more steady and friendly to contribute for the better world.

Change can happen? I hope so...

Here I would like to share the lunch I had with my daughter on the day of the presidential election. We talked about the election a lot that day, assuming Mr. Obama's victory as a historic president. Pad Thai reminds me of a Thai restaurant in Forest Hills, New York.