Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Japanese Like Rice Balls!

According to the recent survey, we Japanese people like rice balls.
The survey result shows that 97.7% of the poll respondents like rice balls and those who don't like them are up to only 0.3% on the other hand.

I'm not sure when convenience stores started selling a rice ball, but it is now very popular and as a matter of fact, one of the flagships. Even in hot summer its sales never declines.
A rice ball stuffed with salmon is the most popular, followed by cod roe, tuna and mayonnaise、Mentaiko、seaweed and pickled plum.
I myself am fond of salmon most, just like other people. I happened to eat one for lunch yesterday at college between the end-term exams.

The survey reminds me of the unforgettable rice balls in my life, which were made by my late father. It was in June 1974. I was about to leave for the United States to study. On the morning of the day I left, my father made 2 small rice balls for me without uttering a word. I knew his mixed feelings of anxiety, loneliness and even expectation.

The rice balls, just in the best size and very finely salted, were so delicious that I suddenly burst into tears, feeling his deep love. Time flies and he isn't here in this world with us any more, but I never forget the rice balls he made specially for me.
I wish I could eat them once again...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

In These Days...

I've been preparing for the end-term exam, which is going to start this coming Tuesday. Although it is interesting to get into psychological field, I hate to take exams, just like in my youth. (Wry smile)

This term I'm taking Personality Psychology, Counseling in General, Cognitive Psychology in General, Information Society, Basic Clinical Psychology, Field Social Psychology and School Counseling. I'm not confident yet to face all those tests but the contents of the lectures and textbooks are very intriguing, particularly Field Social Psychology.

For the mid-term assignment, I wrote about adaptabilities of those who have come back from overseas. I'm very interested in this theme because my daughter, having spent her latter teens and early 20s in the United States as a student, had to go through a very hard time to get accustomed to life in Japan again. She was born and raised in Japan, but her 7 years in the United States influenced her much more than my hubby and I, as parents, and even herself expected.

Some people get back to where they once belonged very easily and some don't. What the difference between those 2 kinds of people? If I had a chance, I would like to practice a fieldwork in this theme.
I don't have much time now but I would like to do as much as I can for getting better grades on the exams!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scorching Days

Day after day the mercury in the thermometer tells me that we are in the midst of the hottest season. According to the weather forecast, we got out of Baiu, or the rainy season a few days ago.

Anyway hot, scorching hot...

I know I have to go back to work, but I think I'm losing my energy due to the heat.

Well I shouldn't have had such a long chatting with my friend on the phone yesterday afternoon.
She told me that she had just finished her Korean language course, which is for beginner with 10 lectures. She told me that she had been influenced by me and started studying the language.

Is it OK with you now? She asked.
No problem! I replied. As a matter of fact I had just started a bit difficult translation work though...

The water has gone under the bridge. Sigh...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life

In one's life, there are many happy and beautiful moments.
For women, wedding ceremony is surely one of them. You know what it is like, don't you?

Yesterday I got my hair cut. I don't want to go on crowded weekend, but I had to cancel my previous appointment (last Thursday) and changed it to Saturday yesterday.

Ms. K, my beautician for about several years, seemed to be very busy, having taken care of plural numbers of customers quickly and responsively. She is one of the top beauty specialists at the salon.

Hi, how have you been?

She started cutting my hair with a calming smile. Everything went as usual, except important news given to me.

She told me that she had had a wedding ceremony. It was last month. June bride...

I knew that she had had her marriage registered in advance, but have been wondering if she should hold wedding ceremony.

In the photo album, which she showed me despite of the busiest time at the salon, I found a very beautiful and sublime bride in each and every scene. Although it was a small ceremony with only siblings and precious friends, I got the gist of what is important.

"I guess it was my right decision to hold a ceremony. Thank you for taking a look at my wedding pictures," said she at the entrance door where she saw me off.
Her smile was filled with happiness and content. She couldn't be happier now, I thought.

Monday, July 07, 2008

On July 7, the Star Festival

Once in a month, my mom visits us and stays a few nights with us. Yesterday, as usual hubby and I went to the nursing home to pick her up. The innocent smile of mom, given to me after 2 months as I couldn't make it last month due to my poor health condition, made me happy and relieved.

On the way back from the nursing home, in the car, I happened to see a TV program titled "Life, an extraordinary odyssey," which focuses on famous people in various fields. Yesterday's guest was Chie Ayado, a middle-aged jazz singer.
She has a powerful mind with very positive thinking, humor, and pure soul. I love her powerful and soulful singing, and further more, I love her personality

Her talk was very interesting and full of words of wisdom, which made me encouraged very much. It owes a lot, I think, to her hard time in her marriage life with an African American in the United States. After all, she divorced and came back to Japan with her son.

I'm deeply impressed with the song she sang at the end of the program.
The song, both music and lyrics, was made by her to encourage her son when he suffered from bullying at school because of his different appearance from other Japanese students.

Here I would like to share the lyrics with you. Hope you will like it.

                Get Into My Life

              One day my boy asked me
              Why I am your child?
              With a little surprise
              I said God decided

              Then he asked me why
              That God made you my mom
              His words made me stop
              To think for a while

              Honey, I carry on and on
              And never give up,
              So now I'm here to be your mom
              And this happening made me sure I need you!
              For us to be tied together

              Get into my life
              You came in to my life
              So smoothly, so naturally
              Get into my life
              You came in to my life
              So smoothly who wanted, maybe both

Would you like to preview? Go ahead.