Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not Confident Yet

I wonder how I can determine someone's rest of life even though he/she has committed a crime.

We have less than one year till the government introduces a citizen judge system. The survey conducted in 2005 showed that 70% of the nation hesitated to take part in a trial. I'm sorry but I'm one of them. Of course I willingly get days off and spare time for a trial as far as it is citizen's obligation though...

In the US they also have a jury system and what jurors have to do is to determine innocent or guilty of the defendant. However what our citizen judge system require ordinary people, randomly chosen without specialized knowledge about law, is not only determination of guilty or not guilty but at the same time we have to determine an appropriate punishment including death penalty. Isn't that too much requirement? I don't think I can make such an important determination.

In those days, maybe over the past decade I think, we have had numerous vicious crimes and security in Japan has become poorer and poorer rapidly even though Japan is ranked fifth in recent "world security" ranking survey.

In the procedure of a trial we may be obliged to see a bloody murder weapon or even a dead body as need arises. In such cases people's emotional state after seeing those evidences is of particular concern. As I'm studying psychology, I really worry about it.

Probability to be a nominee is one out of 330 - 660 people and to be a citizen judge is out of 4000. I'm not ready yet and I have no idea how long I need to be confident to participate in a trial.