Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Koyasu Jizoji, Famous with Its Beautiful Wisteria

It is in the middle of Golden Week throughout the Japan archipelago. One of my cyber friends has left for Fiji. I envy her a little bit but I also had a nice time with mom and hubby at Koyasu Jizoji about a 15 minute drive from our home yesterday. As you see in the title this temple is very famous with its beautiful wisteria. Since it was a holiday yesterday, many people visited there to see beautiful flowers.

Shading of purple is just beautiful.

Mom, 83 years old this fall, went up the stairs by herself vigorously. Isn't it amazing? However her condition of dementia has progressed a little. I wonder how long we have for our spending time together like this.

Wisteria trellis reminds me of my good school days. I used to sit on a bench under wisteria trellis on campus and had a chat with my classmates. That was a long time ago though. (laugh)

This bell was once collected for metal reuse and brought to Kure factory in Hiroshima during the World War II. We found a hole made for material testing then. I'm glad that it wasn't used in making weapons or fighting planes, coming back to the place where it should belong to.

There are 25 temples famous with their beautiful flowers in Kansai area, or western part of Japan.
Kouasu Jizoji is one of them.

It was such a beautiful day that we enjoyed being surrounded by nature.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Enjoy Springtime

The new fiscal year has just begun. Many drivers rushed to gas stations for filling gas into their tanks as the temporary surcharge on gas tax expired. On the other hand various daily necessities such as soy souse, milk, public utility charges were increased. I wonder how such no-can-do situation influence those who has just got into their new school life or working society.
As for me April is a busy time. A new school year has begun. This semester I have 7 off campus classes along with 3 on campus ones. In addition my assessment work is currently at its busiest time. I wish I had 30 hours a day. (laugh) However despite such hectic schedule, I would like to make my private life fulfilled, too. The following pictures show how I enjoyed spring in these days.


One day in late March, hubby, our daughter, her friend with 2 kids and I went on a picnic. Weather was fine and cherry blossoms are almost at their best. Being with the prince and princess- so innocent, stubborn and cute as well anyway, hubby and I had simulated experience as grand parents for the future mission.

Dinner at the end of March. Main dish was grilled cherry sea bream. At this time of the season, sea bream prepares for spawning and thus turns its color into pink. That's why it is literally called "cherry sea bream." We chose Chateau Janon '05. It was long time ago that hubby and I took a wine lecture and thus I can't think of any witty remarks but it was dry and just about my taste. We had a comfortable chat over the spring dinner.

I happened to see a korean wedding couple on the way back from work. I wanted to say "Congratulations!" in Korean language, but they and people surrounding them spoke fluent Japanese, so I kept my mouth shut. The bride in the ethnic wedding dress was so beautiful that I pressed the shutter button before I knew it.