Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Rain

In the morning, I went out for an errand despite of rain. Basically I don't like rain but spring rain is exception. I can smell spring through a gentle rainfall, which makes me feel calm.

In the afternoon I received a parcel from my friend whom I haven't seen for about 20 years. Every year, at this time of season, she sends me "Ikanago-no-kugini," or sand eel in English boiled with soy sauce, sugar, ginger, etc. She lives in the area famous for this unique cooking. If you visit there in early spring you can smell good soy sauce flavor from houses here and there. Every home has its own taste and I love hers.

Besides Ikanago, she included handmade cake that I also loved very much. As my translation work had been pended, over cake and coffee, I went through the materials for my assessment work the day after tomorrow. Time seemed to run slowly. I think it's a nice afternoon...

My hubby is away on his business trip. What shall I do tonight? Movie? Might be good.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Beautiful Night View

My husband is now in Tokyo for his business.
He often gets in touch with me when he is away from home.
The picture below was taken by him and sent to me just a short while ago.
Tokyo is a very sophisticated urban city and provides such a nice night view.
However why is the Statue of liberty there?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Mind and Body

“I’m not sure if I should tell you this…” said a beautician hesitantly when she was cutting my hair. It was a fine day in autumn more than 10 years ago.

I looked in a big mirror timidly and found a circle as big as 500 yen coin in the back part of my head, which made me really shocked as it was not until she mentioned that I realized it. I didn't know when I developed the alopecia areata (I looked into the dictionary for this difficult technical term) but there were good reasons for that.

In summer that year, my father-in-law died of a sudden heart attack and exactly 2 weeks later my daughter, 16 years old at that time, left for the United States as an exchange students. Those big loss and anxiety must have given me a heavy stress subconsciously. As I retained my composure little by little, the big circle became smaller and smaller and finally disappeared. Then I realized for the first time that when mind became unbalanced, it would try to let us know what’s going on deep inside the mind by resorting to the body.

When people have a too big anxiety or difficulty, it will eventually come to the surface. Headache, dizziness, autonomic imbalance, tic etc. are of psychosomatic origin and alopecia areata I experienced was one of them. Neurotic symptoms are emotional disturbance, social phobia, depression, paranoia, hallucinosis, and so on. In addition we see biting nails, stuttering, eating disorder, school refusal and others as behavior disturbance.

I've led relatively a busy life continuously but now I know how to deal with uneasiness, anxiety and exhaustion I feel from time to time. Cokking is one of my solutions. Sometimes I invite friends easy to get along with for lunch. It is very refreshing for me to chat with such people over dishes I have made. The pictures were taken when I invited a friend of mine last month.

Recently Crown Prince Naruhito celebrated his 48th birthday. At the press conference he answered briefly to an avoidable question about Crown Princess Masako, which was very delicate matter but the nation concerns most. It’s been for quite a while since she was diagnosed with adjustment disorder and away from her official duty. As far as I knew through the press conference, Crown Princess Masako still has a lot of barriers to overcome in order to go back to the way just like she was in her foreign ministry days.

In her case I believe that the circumstance factors are the most important key to break through the situation. The Ground Steward of the Imperial Household Agency previously claimed that Crown Prince’s family should visit the Imperial Palace to see his parents more often. I don’t think it was an appropriate statement. It looks as though Princess Masako has the whole imperial world against her. Nothing but deep understanding of people surrounding her is required for the first step. However Prince Naruhito, the only person who she can completely believe in and rely on, has been very supportive, which I think is very encouraging. It might takes a long time to fix a favorable circumstance for her, but I sincerely hope that she never give up and some day gets back peaceful mind and sociality.