Sunday, January 06, 2008

The year of 2008 has just begun.

Peaceful and calm New Year's days we had. One thing different from the last year is that we didn't have to visit my parents' house because no one lives there any more. My father passed away in January 2007 and my mom with dementia now lives in a nursing home. Instead of visiting we invited my mom to our house to spend New Year's days together. I believe (hope) she enjoyed being with us.

The long holidays are over and my husband is going back to work tomorrow. I'm also going back to a normal life, first of all maybe as a student. I have to prepare for the term-end exams, which are scheduled to begin in the end of this month.

2008 is the Year of the Mouse. According to a fortune telling, I will face some sort of changes in my life. I have no idea currently what changes are waiting for me. I just hope they will be good ones.