Thursday, December 20, 2007


In the beginning of this month my husband and I went to an annual Christmas Concert held at the church my good friend and her family belong to. It was our third time and we enjoyed ourselves as much as the last 2 times.

Before the concert, one of the priests said a few words of welcome and there was something persuasive in his talks.
Actually we were little late due to a traffic jam and therefore I didn't listened to the whole story but his saying went like this...

People are proceeding on their journey of life at the speed of their age. When you are 50, you are going on at 50km/h, and when 80, days are passing at 80km/h.

Time… it is impartial to anybody but we never be able to regain. We feel that the older we get, the faster time passes. To me, since my father passed away all of sudden in January, time has just flied. Maybe because I've started a new job as an assessor and also become a college student. Every day I have so many things to do. Here in my blog, less postings compared to the last year. Not only physical circumstance but also emotionally speaking, I feel as if I were watching a DVD on fast-forward.

I'm now proceeding my journey of life at 56km/h. I wish I could sometimes slow down a bit to look back or glance around me.