Thursday, November 29, 2007

Time goes by...

November 24. The sky was clear and it was a calm Saturday.
My niece’s wedding went off smoothly.

Despite my anxiety, my mom, suffering from accelerated dementia, served as a bridesmaid (she is young enough in heart) admirably. She didn't know what's going on when I took her to the bride, but once stood by the bride and got everybody's attention, she straightened her back and escorted the bride for changing costumes. When her special mission was almost over, at the door of the reception room, my mom nearly stepped on the bride's dress, which made me in a cold sweat, however thank God, she somehow managed to avoid it.
I followed them and got out of the reception room to find them holding with each other with joy. My niece strongly wanted her grandmother to be bridesmaid and I think to my mom, it was such a joy to meet her granddaughter's desire.

My niece, the bride on the day, and her sister used to visit and stay with us every summer when they were kids. Every day we went to a swimming pool in the afternoon and spent a long hours in water. It was such a long time ago that I was young enough to put them and my daughter on my back by turns and stayed under water for a while just like a turtle.
Time goes by... The tomboy those days turned out to be a very beautiful bride. But her charming eyes and innocent smile were still there, maybe the best smile of hers I've ever seen.

I took my mom's hand and asked my niece,

"How do you like being escorted by Grandma?"

"Very happy!!"

Her voice was filled with happiness.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


From the balcony of our condo at 5:30pm

In autumn night falls suddenly