Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ready to Start?

My daughter is leaving for Tokyo this morning. After having a month job training there, she will come back to Osaka to start her new career life.
In 30 minutes I will take a shower and get ready to go to the station to see her off. I have seen her off at the airport so many times, but this is the first time (I think so,) for me to see her off at the station.
I made a box lunch with Korean Sushi Roll so that she can have late lunch when she arrives at her apartment.
Hope everything goes well for her and I'm looking forward to visiting her in Tokyo in the middle of next month.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Seoul trip in autumn 2007

My daughter and I took a 4 days and 3 nights trip to Seoul last week. Her 3rd and my 4th trip was as exciting as the previous ones or even more fulfilling. The better my Korean language becomes, the deeper I appreciate the country, its culture and people. Generally speaking, Korean people are very kind and helpful, which we Japanese are rapidly losing in recent years unfortunately. In fact I met a lot of good people in food shops, sightseeing spots and the subway during our stay. It's only a week since we came back from Seoul, but I'm so fascinated with the city that I would like to go back there as soon as possible.


Once you step into the palace, you feel as if you were in the ancient time. In contrast with the buildings outside, time seems to go by very slowly here.

Vivid colors and the precise workmanship are just beautiful.

The change guard ceremony. It demonstrates once every hour from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Explanation is announced in Korean, English and Japanese. The weather was very fine. Good day for sightseeing.

A ballerina who fell in love with B-Boy

A nonverbal dance performance that my daughter really wanted to see. The show is a fusion of hip-hop dance and ballet.

Korean Food

Rice Porridge with vegetable. Good for your health. We had it for breakfast.

I don't know what they call it in English, but it means a whole chicken. We ate for the first time. We love its rich taste. Long green onion, Kimchi (Korean pickles), garlic and red peppers are added to the soup when it gets boiled. It's very spicy and rich taste. After eating up the whole chicken, we put noodles and enjoyed the noodle soup.

The last day of the trip happened to be my birthday and therfore I ate seaweed soup at the airport, observing Korean custom.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Getting into 30s

My daughter, KOKO (one of my younger friends) and I got together last night. It's been a while since the last time and we really enjoyed being together over a French dinner. KOKO is the only daughter of my intimate friend and I taught English when she was little.

KOKO is the same age as my daughter and they are good friends, too. From my point of view they have a lot in common. Even in their working fields, which seem to be quite different from each other, they find many factors in common. KOKO is a pediatrician and my daughter used to be in airline industry. It is very interesting that they find it somewhat similar psychologically to deal with sick children's mothers and passengers.

My daughter will move on to another working field (education industry) in the beginning of November for better conditions. She said she just wanted to step up before getting into 30s. KOKO currently sees someone special and thinking of marriage.
Getting 30s is one of the turning points for women?
3 hours of dinnertime just flied. Are we getting together again, maybe including KOKO's mother around Christmas time?

KOKO gave me a pair of beer glasses and a tray for my birthday and 30th wedding anniversary.
"I'de better not select a pottery because there is a great potter in middle-angel's family," she said with smile.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My Favorite Season!

Extraordinary hot summer, having lingered around here, finally and all of sudden left, and autumn, my favorite season, has come in a flurry. Now I can sense it by breathing the morning air and looking up the clear sky. Autumn, or more precisely October, is a very special time for me. I was born in October, got married in October and gave a birth to our daughter in October. 3 big events in my life occurred this month.

Well I haven't visited here for a long time, actually the whole September. I was a kind of busy both officially and privately. Now at the beginning of a new and the special month for me, I would like to look back the last month.

Officially I did translation and job interview. They are very different in nature from each other, but I like both. The former job requires accuracy especially in dealing with various clinical data and research or preparing official documents. I always sit in front of PC and doing my task sedulously. It's a very lonely work and requires one’s concentration. On the other hand, the latter job gives me a chance to meet a lot people. It sometimes very difficult to assess one's competency in a limited time of interview, but I really like the job because I am by nature a lover of man watching. It is always nice to see some one new. In September I spent the whole Wednesday and Saturday for the job.

What about my private life?
As some of you know, I'm now studying psychology at college. In the middle of September I got my grades for the first semester, 2007. I took 3 psychology classes and 1 Korean language. After all I got A+ for Korean language and 2A and 1B for psychology classes, which were better than I expected. Then I took Korean Language Proficiency Test held by Korean Educational Organization. The result will be sent to me some time in December. I'm not sure if I did good enough to obtain the first grade (beginner's level). A kind of “pound-pound” condition right now. (laugh) Well I will see...
In my school life, the second semester has just started. 5 psychology classes and 1Korean language seems to make me very busy, but I'm interested in all of them and want to attend as many lectures as possible.

At the end of September my mom visited and stayed with us for 3days. Her condition was not bad. This time our daughter came back at the same time, and thus we had a happy dinnertime. I guess my mom has been returning to a child little by little. Her smile is just like an angel and I think she is cute.

One fine Sunday, my husband and I went to Yoshino, Nara Prefecture again. After one hour driving, which was moderate for us, we arrived there and enjoyed being in the suburb and a stroll around the temple. I like the atmosphere there, which always makes me peaceful. We happened to find a unique plate at the entrance of a souvenir shop. It is ceramic; about 70cm in diameter, and “Welcome” in 3different languages (English, Korean and Japanese) are interesting.

This month I have plenty of plans privately. We will celebrate our 30th anniversary in Ryujin Hot Spring this coming weekend, besides taking a four-days and three-nights trip to Seoul with my daughter 2 weeks later.
I don't know why but in October I'm always very energetic and positive.