Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fresh Corns!

Last weekend my husband went to kaida Highland for fishing.
I expected chars but what he brought back were some fresh corns!
He told me that he had met a man who had a big cornfield.

I soon boiled one of them. Very sweet and tasty.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


My neice is going to get married in November.
The other day I received an invitation card for her wedding ceremony and party.
In the card my mother's name was listed along with my family.
I hope she will survive this scorching summer and be able to present at the ceremony and party with us.

The picture was taken at the wedding ceremony of my freiend's son 2 weeks ago. I was very impressed to attend the ceremony held at the same church where he was baptized and his parents also vowed their eternal love 31 years ago. I'm glad I witnessed the both ceremony.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fish Power?

Is a siren wailing?
It was just after midnight and the sound was so far away as I was half asleep.
I thought I was dreaming...
But it's not.

Hubby got me up and told that a house near our condo was burning. I immediately went to the balcony to find a blazing fire not so far away from us but not too close, either.

For about half an hour or so, we were watching the fire from the balcony of our room on the 11th floor. Then soon it got under control. Relieved...

With a big yawn I was going back to the bedroom and then glanced at the fish pendant hung on the wall of our living room. I suddenly remember the fire that broke out in our condo in 1995.

The fire broke out in the next-door room upstairs. At first I didn't take the fire alarm seriously because it was Saturday afternoon, and besides, there were frequent false alarms due to children's prank at the time. I was alone at home and so scared when I saw a big blaze broke out of the balcony window of the room upwards.

Oh, my God! What am I going to do?
Anyway I got out of my room and saw the neighbor just coming out of her room, who was also alone at home and looked in panic.

"Hey, middle-angel, what we should bring out?"
"I don't know. Let's get out of here, anyway!!"
Hand in hand we went down to the first floor using stairs, not elevator.

Should I call hubby? Yeah, I should!

Then I made a call on his cell phone. He was driving back home; our daughter was sitting in the passenger's seat. Later on he said, "Your voice was shaking."

I don't remember exactly how long it took to extinguish the fire.
I went back to my room, using escalator this time and opened the door timidly.

Thank God!!!
Nothing has changed. My room is exactly as it was before I left.

What about the house in which the fire started? Completely destructed by fire.

What about the next door of my room, which was directly under the origin of the fire?
Terrible! Water flooding everywhere. Smoky smell everywhere. Bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, everywhere...
Later on the insurance company assessed the damage as "total collapse."
I felt very sorry for the neighboring family and couldn't think of any good words to encourage them.
Water flooding spread to 7 floors downwards and damages by smoke ranged 3 neighboring doors to the east, which is the opposite direction of our room. Damages of the fire were much worse and bigger than I thought.

Thankfully our room survived undamaged. What happened if the fire spread? What happened if the wind blew to the west at the time?
Everything went favorable to us. Why so?
We thought the fish pendant protected us as the fire broke out from the upwards of the wall on which the fish pendant was hung.

I'm not sure if it is true or not, but fish is regarded to have something to do with the god of water and thus it is often used for an adjustable pothook hung over a hearth in the floor, quelling the fire underneath.

Maybe we were just lucky. That's all. But I still think the fish pendant protected us.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

62nd Anniversary and Korean lunch

It's been very hot particularly this summer and mercury skyrocketed day after day.
I'm sure we have to do something with the current heat island phenomenon.

Today we marked the 62nd anniversary of the end of World War II. I happened to read an article in the Japan Times on Line about a US photographer who took pictures of Hiroshima right after A-Bomb dropping. I'm very impressed that after retirement he suffered without complaint from disability caused by the radiation exposure he had suffered while photographing Japan after its surrender.

However time passes so rapidly that the number of the living witnesses to the war is getting fewer and fewer and for me (maybe for many other people, too) August 15 is the only one of Bon holidays rather than the historical day.

As we do every year, during the holidays we (including our daughter) visited our ancestral graves and made offerings of flowers and incense. We also had lunch out with hubby's mom and brother, and then visited my mom at the nursing home. At this time of last year my dad was fine and led a normal life with mom, therefore I never expected to visit him at the graveyard this year then.

Today (the last day of the holidays) we enjoyed Korean lunch. Sam-Gyup-Sal (Grilled Pork strips) was so tasty and as our daughter left earlier than expected that hubby and I ate too much. One of Korean food culture is rapping. In this way we can get a lot of vegetables besides meat, which I think is not only tasty but also healthy. Even so, eating too much is not good, of course. I guess I should keep doing exercise with Billy Blanks! Billy's Boot Camp is currently very popular here in Japan and I started the exercise yesterday.;-)