Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cat, an animal with an extra sense?

While reading news in English on the Internet, I found a very interesting article about a cat with a special gift. As a cat-lover, I used to live with several cats at different times in my life. Through my experiences I believe that the cat has some sort of instinct that we don't have. Maybe we did have that in ancient times but gradually lost it with the development of science. Did Oscar give peace to the dying people by spending the very last few hours with them? I hope he did.The article didn't mention how old Oscar is, so we don't know how many dying people he can foretell from now.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You Are My Sunshine

Based on a true story.
Do-yeon Jeon from "Shoot for the stars" and Jeong-min Hwang from "A Bittersweet Life" played the leading role. Do-yeon Jeon, whom I really like, won the best actress award of Cannes Film Festival, 2007 for her latest movie "Milyang."
In preperation for the role of Seok-joong Kim, a unsophisticated and single-minded man, Jeong-min Hwang gained 15kg and it was successful, I think.
True story is always persuasive and touching, but this movie has something more. What is it? It maybe, I believe, a strong love despite of all the difficulties and negative background. I wept so bitterly at the scene of the visiting room in the jail that my husband gave me a tissue box. I'm sure he was weeping behind me, too.

I have no suitable words to express my feeling for the movie at the moment, so please let me quote the words of Dr. Yasuhumi Nagoshi (psychiatrist) I found in the pre-view.

Love makes people tremendously simple. Just thinking of him/her night and day.
From clinical point of view however, there are very few people who act up to their true love to the very end.
Miracle without God's advent. The movie shows such a miracle.

I'm deeply, very deeply impressed with the movie.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I guess it's very effective.

It was the end of last month when a bottle of flower essence was given to me by one of my cyber friends, who is currently studying it. 3 kinds of essence selected specially for me by her using remote dowsing were "life force," "Eros," and "optimal learning." They were mixed and dispensed in a small brown bottle.

Life force: When in a difficult situation, it removes the seriousness and arouses vitality, impressionable nature, life with pleasure, and lighthearted humor.

Eros: Effective for beautiful skin, rejuvenation, charm enhancing, hormone balance and removing menopause problems.

Optimal learning: Effective for enhancing brain functions, realization of potential power, information collection, apprehensive power, and avoiding making same mistakes.

4 drops at a time directly on the tongue or cup of water, usually 4 times a day, the description said. I followed it precisely and paid attention to the "Notes" that described "dos and don'ts." I'm not sure if it was owing to the essence, but I think I did my job as an interpreter last week much better than I expected.

As a matter of fact the task was beyond my competence a little bit. The client was a clinical laboratory which was asked by government to give a lecture about clinical laboratory's role in the medical industry along with a laboratory tour to people from various countries like China, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Turkey, Vanuatu and Viet Nam.

It took about 3 hours and with the well-directed support by the coordinator from the government, I managed to complete my task as a mediator. The picture is a tourism brochure given to me by a participant. The country is very attractive and if I have a chance in the future, I would like to visit there.

I still keep taking essence (only half a bottle left now) and hope it also will be effective for the coming term-end tests starting in the end of this month.