Monday, May 28, 2007


According to astrological forecast in Asahi Weekly, for Libran, this week would be...

"The full moon brings unexpected upheavals in your life. Upsets, surprises, disruptions - anything's possible. The most startling turnabout could be a drastic change of image.
Downside: secrets resurface, or you may be separated from a loved one.
Upside: something or someone, from the past reappears.
Lucky color: violet
Lucky number:4
Lucky day: Tuesday, May 29. "

I'm leaving for Seoul today.
I wonder how a trip of three days and two nights with my daughter will turn out to be. Something upheaval happens?
This time (the third visit to Seoul) I would like to find out how much progress I have made in my Korean language over the past 3 years and enjoy Korean food as well.

Yesterday ANA (All Nippon Airways) had a big trouble in its computer system, causing 130 domestic flights cancelled. I just hope my flight (not ANA though) will leave KIX on time.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Hubby & I chose this movie to spend time together one day in the holiday-studded week. As I'm now a student, I can take advantage of student discount on movie fare, but in Japan we have a special discount for married couples, too. If one of the couple is 50 or older, they can get a ticket at 1000 yen per each, which is more reasonable than paying for one student ticket and normal adult one. Getting old is not always bad. (laugh...)

If we had only one common language in this world to communicate with each other, could we solve some of various issues we've been suffered from? I don't know exactly how many languages we have on this planet, but surely language is one of the biggest communication barriers. Although we have Esperanto, actually English is definitely recognized as a world language. It is very convenient for those who speak English as a mother tongue. However for those who use other languages including us Japanese, using English as a communication tool is a burden to a greater or lesser degree.

The theme of the movie is "communication." It consists of 4 stories developed in different continents but connected by a gun accidentally used to seriously injure an American wife traveling in Morocco. All the 4 stories are about communication between family members, husband and wife, father and sons, father and a deaf daughter and aunt and nephew. We have several other communication ways (eye contact, body language, face-to-face atmosphere, etc.) to support language but sometimes, even very closer relationship, we fail to convey our true feelings no matter how hard we try.

I enjoyed the movie. It is well organized and each story has an unfolded part, which I think has a deep message in it. Brad Pitt was excellent and Rinko kikuchi was even more. As a matter of fact I'm deeply impressed with the Mexican nanny who takes care of 2 children of the American couple. (I didn't know the little girl was Dakota Fanning's sister!) In order to keep a secret (illegally working in the States), she had to tell a small lie to a border guard, which caused a big trouble later. I wonder what happened to her nephew... And also I wonder what was written in the memo Rinko kikuchi handed to the police detective...

The director Alejandro González Iñárritu said, "What creates a border is not language, culture, race or religion, but something inside us." Yes, indeed...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

An Appropriate way of Spending Holidays

Kohzuke Park is only about 15 minutes drive from our house. It is a rather huge park with baseball fields, playground equipments, a pond and other outdoor facilities.

A young family we've known for a long time visited us on April 29 (Greenery Day) and we spent time together in the park for the whole day. At this time of the season, specially in the midst of Golden Week, it is very pleasant being in the nature with people we love. Fine weather and a refreshing gentle breeze welcomed us.

Their 2 sons, the elder was 7 and the younger was 3, enjoyed themselves by playing with a ball and bat or feeding ducks in the pond. Grown-ups enjoyed catching up with each other over a big lunch.

This is an appropriate way of spending holidays.