Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Deja Vu

One rainy night last week, I saw a preview of the film with my husband.
Since I started a new job in the beginning of January, it's been a kind of difficult to have such a time with him, and therefore the tickets our daughter had given us created a comfortable time for us.

Contrary to my expectation, the movie was more like a time travel story rather than deja vu. I've seen several Jerry Bruckheimer's films, such as Pearl Harbor, Gone in 60 Seconds, Armageddon, Con Air, The Rock, Top Gun, Flash Dance, and I liked most of them. However as long as Dejy Vu is concerned, to me its time traveling theory was very confusing and even though Tony Scott's quick camera action gave us the feeling of being there, Denzel Washington (I love him!) showed an excellent performance as an investigator of the ferry tragedy, and the deja vu I found in the latter part of the story were well linked to each other (red dress, message in the answering machine, message on the board, blood-stained cloths, etc.), I would like to give the film three stars out of Five. It will be released in Japan on March 17

By the way what is deja vu? As the movie said, is it memory from the past? Or from the future? From my very personal point of view, it is memory from one's previous existence. I don't know about statistics, but I believe many of you have at least one or two such strange, unexplainable, even somewhat nostalgic experience. As a matter of fact I myself have it once in a while.

Speaking of a strange and unexplainable experience, the dream I used to see was just like that, too. I had the dream over and over again for a certain period. I don't know why I kept seeing it and why all of sudden it ceased. Now let me tell you the story. It goes like this...
I stood on a busy and well-lighted street waiting the traffic light to change. In front of me was a wide road and in contrast to the street I was standing I could see nothing but darkness across the road. Another middle-angel inside me repeated, "Don't go across the road. Don't go!" But when the light changed, I started crossing the road decisively.
When I came to the middle of the road, I noticed myself sit informally and floating in the air. By the time I reached at the end of the road, I was floating far above in the air and found a very old temple down below. Through the window of the temple I saw a bonze at the sutra desk writing something. After some hesitation I slipped through the window and entered the temple. Thank God, to the bonze I was invisible person. Then I realized something black behind me. I wanted to look back and see what it was, but I just couldn't do it due to some kind of tremendous fear.
I dashed (precisely flew as I still sit informally and floating in the air but now maybe 50cm above the floor) to the end of the room to escape from the unknown black (I thought so) object. A fusuma, a papered sliding door with gorgeous painting opened automatically, and helped my escape. I just kept running away desperately from room to room, one with a lot of sutra book, another with many images of Buddha, and many many other rooms with various things in them. How many rooms are there in this huge temple? I have no idea. When my fear and fatigue reached the utmost limit of my endurance, I came out to a huge garden. Again I'm floating very much higher in the air. I saw many bonzes working busily far below. I heaved a big sigh of relief because what I should do to succeed in escape was just fly away. I was impatient as the black object was right behind me. Then I looked up and astonished to find a ceiling, just like one you see in a domed baseball stadium. How could I escape? I woke up then...
The whole story was always same except the one I saw last time.

Oh, I've gotta go. I will tell you about the dream I saw last time maybe sometime in the future. Sorry to keep you waiting.