Saturday, November 25, 2006

Vibrant Autumn Leaves

Mt. Yoshino, Nara prefecture is very famous with its cherry blossoms in spring, and it is also a good spot to enjoy vivid colors of turning leaves in autumn. In recent years the season for autumn leaves has started later due to global warming.

On the way home we bought Kakinoha Zushi, square-shaped sushi with mackerel on top and wrapped with kakinoha (persimmon) leaves.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Favorite Plates

As robi asked about the plate in the previous posting, please let me show you my favorite plates. It was about 10 years ago when I found them at a small shop dealing with imported goods. They are made in Mexico, about 10 inches in diameter. Although a bit expensive for me, the plates were so attractive that I just couldn't leave the shop without them.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cinnamon Bread

Hubby has gone to pick up our daughter and I baked cinnamon bread.
It is 11:00 pm now. I guess our dinner will be about midnight.
I'm starving! I could eat a horse for sure.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Pleasant Afternoon

As promised, my daughter took me to a Tofu cuisine restaurant to celebrate my almost one-month-late birthday. She is always fun to be with. We talked a lot, ate a lot, and enjoyed being in a small but very comfortable room to our hearts' content. We spent about 2 hours in the restaurant.

It was so delicious, wasn't it?
I guess I've eaten more than I should have...

We left the restaurant in a happy mood (We are always happy when staffed!) and started walking, as we had to consume some of the calories we had over-gained. It was rather windy that day and the chilly air told us winter was just around the corner. Downtown appeared to be busy preparing for winter.

Well, where to go? I felt like going to MONDE, a shop near by, which was run by my daughter's classmates (2 women) from high school. They just started their business in the beginning of last month. They had kept a dream of having such a shop since high school, steadily stepped forward, and then finally made it come true. I was really happy to hear that and impressed with their strong will as well. The shop was small but there were colorful clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and so on, mainly imported from Europe, nicely displayed here and there. After having had tried it on, I got the skirt from France shown in the picture and my daughter got a pair of very cute shoes from England. We spent more than an hour there, and it was late afternoon when we got out of the shop. Although the air was chillier, my mind was filled with warmth.