Sunday, October 22, 2006

29th Anniversary

walk together, seek together, laugh together, swear together
feel together, judge together, weep together, bear together
hold together, stray together, create together, wish together
our life goes on...
"Ever Together" sung by Kobukuro
translated by middle-angel

We celebrated our 29th wedding and my 55th anniversary. 2 candles on the cake, secretly prepared by hubby along with a bouquet of roses, represent one for each.

Roses were impressive but his words "Happy Birthday, middle-angel" and the abrupt note were even more impressive.

In autumn 2002, on our 25th anniversary, I was asked to write about my marriage life. The short essay titled "A Path to Soul Mate" was published in an education magazine. I wonder how far we have come in the past 4 years. Are we now soul mate?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Trip to Taiwan

Not me, but my daughter.
She recently visited Taiwan and had a reunion with her college roommate Maggie, who was Taiwanese. For entire 4 years of my daughter's college life, Maggie was her roommate, on campus in the beginning, and off campus later on, too. I guess it's very rare to live with the same person throughout one's college life. They get along with each other very well and even now, 5 years after graduation, they are good friends. Maybe they have something in common as Asian having lived in the Unites States.
I saw Maggie twice in the United States, once when my daughter finished her freshman year and at the graduation for the second time. I stayed with them in their apartment for both times and got to know how tenderhearted she was. She gave me a Chinese syrup medicine when I suffered from an obstinate cough at night. She also gave me a big surprise on Mother's Day with her younger sisters who happened to visit her at the same time. Those are good memories to me.
The pictures are what my daughter brought back for us from Taiwan. Autumn night is long. It might be a good idea to read a book over a cup of Chinese tea.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lost in Thought

Lying down on the heated bedrocks and sweating, I pondered over the problems my friends recently worried about. Bedrock bathing, usually once a week, is a good relaxation for me and I always try to make my mind empty, but not that day. I was just immersed in the long talks I'd had with my friends over the phone.

Financial problem, friction with siblings-in-law or son-in-law, whatever the problems may be, it is difficult to find a perfect solution. Since those were not my problems, I devoted myself solely to listening to their stories. In most cases they feel better only by letting out their pent-up feelings anyway. Then I took a big breath and deliberately started telling them what I thought. Some of them seemed to have found some sort of settlements by themselves already, at least the direction they wanted to go, I guess, but somewhat hesitated to step forward. And thus what I had to do is just giving them a cue to do so.

The financial problem however is very tough to deal with. It requires time, a great resolution and innovation of life. I'm afraid I can be little help on this issue. Money occasionally causes a crack in a friendship.

At half waypoint in life we have various issues to think about, not only ourselves but also other family members. As a libran I always put a high value on balance in everything and try to have a viewpoint of the third person when asked for some advice. It is funny that I never ask someone for advice but friends often ask me for that. Anyway the problems, recently brought to me one after another, gave me a chance to consider myself and people around me. No more consultation for a while though. Sigh...