Saturday, April 22, 2006


I know it's a gross exaggeration to say that I have been developing dementia or Alzheimer's disease, but I'm sure I've become very forgetful in these days.
The day before yesterday I went to Spa for bedrock bathing only to find it closed. I know it is closed usually once a month for maintenance. In the beginning of this month I checked their maintenance schedule, however I entirely forgot about it.
Last Sunday I noticed that my health insurance card had disappeared. I got into a fuss and searched everywhere I could think of it might be. It took me some time to find it in one of my wallets. What I can't believe is that I checked the wallet once previously but couldn't find the card in it then. Why? The incident made me really exhausted and depressed.
When I went swimming last week, I left the locker unlocked and swam for 2 hours without noticing it . When I came back to the locker room, I was startled to see the unlocked locker in which I kept my cell phone and credit cards. Fortunately they were there though.
Is this just because of aging? Or do I have to take it seriously?
I don't know where the distinct boarder between simple aging phenomenon and the diseases symptoms.
I just can't believe in myself right now. Depression...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Cross Culture

2006 FIFA World Cup will be held in Germany pretty soon. And a youth tournament called as Mini-World Cup will also be held a month before the real World Cup. 32 elementary school teams from all over Germany are going to take part in the tournament, each representing a country participating the real World Cup.
I was very glad the other day when I saw an interesting scenes about Mini World Cup on TV news. In the screen many students were enthusiastically or curiously learning about Japan and its culture. The school seems to set great store by knowing the country they represents. I saw some students in Japanese summer kimono, some eating lunch with chopsticks, and others learning calligraphy. All of them were so cute! I guess that teachers don't know much about Japan either, thus one of them put up a calligraphy paper upside down, which made me smile. Anyway I'm very pleased that the whole school were trying to appreciate our culture. I think it's another good aspect of FIFA World Cup.

The below picture was drawn by my husband. He used a straw brush for the first time. It's very simple and I like the monochrome.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Vita è bella, La

My daughter's boyfriend recommended this Italian movie, also known as "Life is Beautiful" in English. I saw a pre-view when it was released in Japan and still vividly remember the scene that a Jewish Father, being gun-pointed by a Nati soldier from his behind, was marching to death yet humorously and gave a joking wink to encourage his son who was hiding in a small box at the corner of a building.
Even though a fairly-tale-like beginning suddenly turned into very serious situation with ominous clouds ahead, the father's unconquerable inner strength throughout the movie keeps not only his son but also viewers filled with hope. However hard the situation may be, we should keep hope in our minds so that some day it will be fulfilled. Yes, Life is Beautiful! The title is excellent.
The night I saw this movie, my husband and I enjoyed a nice and fruitful conversation about it over an ethnic dinner.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The First Sunday of April

It was rainy. Occasionally strong winds and heavy rain.
April is the beginning of school and fiscal year in Japan. New comers with a bit of uneasiness and a lot of expectations are seen in every school and company.
In the morning my husband went to the pottery class to make pairs of rice bowls as wedding gifts for those getting married in May. The picture was taken right after he shaped clay into bowls. Don't you think they are just perfect? I guess he has a gift! I'm looking forward to how they will turn out to be when it is completed.
Well for me it was a quiet Sunday. I did nothing special. Oh yes, I've just finished reading "Tell Me Your Dreams" by Sidney Sheldon. I enjoyed it since the theme was MPD (multiple personality disorder), a complicated illness in psychological field which I'm interested in. I can imagine people develop another personality in order to protect themselves from too much emotional pain, but it is hard for me to accept how or when alter takes over the host and the host remembers nothing while it is happening.
I have read several books written by Sidney Sheldon. So far so good.