Friday, March 31, 2006

A Very Good Curriculum

Mad Hot Ballroom is a very very interesting documentary film. My daughter, who loves NYC and dancing, longed to see it and we went to the theater together. The ballroom dancing class started in NYC public elementary schools 10 years ago, some time after 9/11 attacks. I think the intension of the program is very good. In the beginning it encouraged students a lot in recovering from the atrocity previously taken place in their city. Since it is free, students from families with various difficulties like poverty, single-parented, delinquency can have opportunities of learning many important things for their lives through ballroom dancing.
NYC kids appearing in the film are very vivid, cute, and impertinent. It was fun to see how common kids transformed themselves into "ladies and gentleman." Among students from 3 schools the film focused on, I was impressed with a boy recently immigrated with his parents from the Dominican Republic. He has difficulty in communicating with his classmates in English, but his dancing is superb. I'm sure that by attending the program and participating in the competition, he acquired enough confident to survive in the United States.
I was also very impressed with teachers. They are so passionate and I think it's very good that they praised the students a lot for their achievements and made them even higher motivated. This is very effective and something I can hardly see in current education in Japan unfortunately. Therefore I would like to recommend the movie to those people who teach as career.
I'm sorry there are only a few theaters showing such a good film for only a short term.
Anyway I enjoyed the film very much. You know what? I almost began to dance in the middle of the film. (a big laugh)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Trip to Ise

Occasionally we feel like being away from daily routine for a change, and that's one of the reasons why we take a trip. If it is a family trip, we can make sure our steady family tie, too.
Recently we took a trip to Ise, famous with its Jingu and pearl culturing.
It was very cold and windy, but we enjoyed visiting Jingu, playing with beautiful (and big, too) carps, eating a lot, and talking a lot. "Trio de Go" made us refreshed!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

World Baseball Classic

Team Japan defeated Cuba 10-6 at the final game, and won the World Baseball Classic Championship. I guess most of the whole nation witnessed the winning scene on TV. Actually I'm not a big fan of baseball, but the doubtful judge of an American umpire arose my interest in this championships and it ended in a bit sarcastic result.
Having seen the last 2 games and several interviews, I found Ichiro entirely another person. So far as I knew he was always very cool, self-disciplined, and seldom showed his emotion. However throughout the championships, he always showed his ardent love of baseball and his motherland, Japan. He was just like a kid loving baseball, full of fight in him. He also seemed to be very proud of playing for Japan team. I was amazed that the rising-sun flag gave him such enthusiasm that he had a big mouth before and after each game. It is 5 years since he started playing in Seattle Mariners. I guess the longer one stays in a foreign country, the stronger his/her love of own country becomes.
The next WBC will be held in 2009. If possible, I would like to see games in fairer rules.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


To be honest, I didn't know anything about this beautiful country next to Guatemala in Central America. Glee, an American friend of mine who got married last summer, sent me the picture card. In January, she and her husband visited his mother currently residing there.
I became intrigued by the azure waters surrounding the Blue Hole, and looked it up in a web encyclopedia.
Some of you, like me, may be familiar with its former name, British Honduras rather than Belize. According to the encyclopedia they changed the name in 1973, and declared independence in 1981.
Even in the screen world in front of me, I could feel as if I were there surrounded by coral real. Some day I would like to visit there and explore the life in the sea by snorkeling, or even scuba diving. I should get a license first though.
We still have many beautiful places all over the world and I wonder how many of them I can see in my real life.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Belated Happy Birthday!

My hubby was born on March 3, 1957.
My mom in law was a bit disappointed at the very first sight of her second son because she expected a girl baby on Girl's Festival Day. She always brings up this episode on hubby's birthday with wry smile.
Tonight, 2 days behind, we had a birthday dinner and celebrated hubby's last birthday of his forties. We wanted to celebrate Dolls festival for our daughter at the same time, but she was still in Chicago and couldn't make it unfortunately.
I tried to make a basket with potato cut into fine strips, but it turned out to be just a flat plate. It's OK, hubby was pleased anyway. Probably I will try it again. I like the heart-shaped rice.
PRIEURE SAINT-JEAN DE BEBIAN 2000, presented by hubby's colleague, produced a nice evening.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

She is stuck in Chicago.

Nobody knows what may happen tomorrow.
My daughter, supposed to be back to Osaka this evening, is now at a hotel in Chicago.
She gave us a call this morning and said that she left Newark far behind the schedule due to the plane maintenance and couldn't catch a connecting flight. What the heck is this?...
Now she is in Chicago. Fortunately she had taken an extra day off just in case. Good job!
At first it seemed difficult to secure a seat of the earliest flight tomorrow. Then she strongly insisted on taking the earliest flight to Japan, otherwise her work schedule will be messed up. When on duty, she is always annoyed by strong complaints of customers in such irregular incidents, but once in the same situation as a customer, she does the same thing. That made me laugh.
Anyway she will come back to Japan tomorrow evening. I hope another irregular won't happen.