Sunday, January 29, 2006

That's too bad.

Seems my hubby has got a bad cold. Currently in Japan a vicious cold is raging and he seems to have caught it from his brother. Persistent cough, high fever, vomit, diarrhea are said to be the major symptoms, but he has only cough and fever. He doesn't complain of vomit or diarrhea yet.
Fortunately he has a good appetite. He ate most of the dishes, he requested and I cooked, for lunch and dinner yesterday, as you can see in the pictures.
This weekend we had a plan, but we were obliged to put it off. That's OK. We can do it some other time.
He stayed in bed all day yesterday. I hope he will get over it as soon as possible so that he won't miss a very important business project scheduled in the middle of the next week.
I guess I will sleep in another room again tonight as he suggested.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Supreme Relaxation

Living in a stressful society, we need to chill out from time to time. But how? Swimming, walking, stretching, having a hot spring bath make me feel refreshed, and even taking a nap is a good way, too.
In addition I'm currently intrigued by bedrock bathing. It is gradually becoming popular in Japan. Lying on a towel blanket spread on the heated bedrocks is very relaxing. I can easily fall asleep, and to my great joy, sweat off some extra pounds as well. Compared with a usual sauna, it is much more comfortable and thus you can stay longer in the room.
The public spa, I've been 3 times so far, has 5 bedrock bathing rooms heated between about 40 and 50 degrees Celsius. Each room has a Kanji Character name, such as the following:.

Foot bathing with heated small ceramic balls covering the bottom of something like a sunken hearth.

Bedrock bathing with Chinese herbal medicine contained in bags hung in the room.

Far-infrared bedrock bathing with healing music and aroma

Rock salt bathing, a good relief specially for respiratory disorders like asthma and allergic coryza.

Room for cooling down with artificial snow falling from the ceiling.

By going through those rooms, I can expect detox effectiveness, higher metabolism, and good skin condition. Above all I can relax a lot. I think I will go there maybe once a week as my aquabics class has been closed since last summer due to the breakdown of water circulation system.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Good bye, middle-angel's world.

Finally ceased my Japanese website, "middle-angel's world." Actually it was closed at the end of 2005, but only the top page, with an announcement of closing down, was up on the internet till today.
5 years and 9 months is rather a long time, I think. During those days middle-angel's world was a kind of place where I expressed myself in the way I like, about my working, hobbies, viewpoints, and so on and so on. Even though it was a website about an ordinary life of an ordinary middle-aged woman, there were about 120 viewers at daily basis and it was very enjoyable to communicate with some of them via BBS. Having seen the announcement, many people gave me heartwarming comments through a letter to middle-angel column.
The major reason why I determined to close it down was simply lack of time. I've started several things in the past 6 years including this English blog. The older I get, the more new things I would like to try in both working and private life. In order to have time to spare for those, I should give up something already I feel accomplished, which was the first website I created on the internet in spring, 2000.
With a big and deep breath, I clicked the final "delete" button. My another world on the internet vanished in a flash. To be honest with myself, I feel a bit lonely now. However I would like to look ahead and step forward.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It's a fine holiday!

Yesterday, on Coming-of-Age Day, we went for a long walk along New-gawa, a branch river of the Kinokawa nearby. The weather was very fine and warmer than the past few days. No other walkers in this time of the season, and we just kept walking rhythmically, sometimes talkative, sometimes silent, but always felt comfortable just two of us together. A brisk walking kept us warm, but once we stopped for a rest at the riverside, The keen cold air pierced to our bones. We boiled water and had Cup Noodle and rice balls for lunch, that made us back to life.
The red nap sack, my hubby gave me on my last birthday, was very neat and functional, and with the new walking shoes I went through the course with light steps. About 20km of walking got rid of my excess weight I had gained during New Years Holidays? I doubt it.:-(

Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year's holidays are over

We are now ready to set in back to work and ordinary life.
On New year's Day hubby and I visited both of our parents' and enjoyed family reunion. And yesterday we went to a shrine nearby to play our health and happiness.