Friday, October 28, 2005

The Explosion in the Parlor by Bai Xiao Yi / China

What would you do if you were in the situation?

A father and daughter were sitting at a small table and the host came over to pour some tea into their cups. Then he realized something rather abruptly and hurried back to the inner room, leaving the thermos on the table. In a short time the guests heard that he opened the drawers and then something was rustling.
The daughter was looking at the flowers outside the window.
When the father was about to pick up his cup, there was a sudden sound of something breaking. The daughter was very surprised and turned around to see what had happened. It was the thermos that had been broken. It seemed to have fallen to the floor by itself.
Then the host dashed back into the room, holding a box of sugar in his hand, and found the broken thermos on the floor.
To the daughter's surprise, her father murmured that he had touched the thermos and that's why it had fallen. "It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter," repeated the host.
In fact the father didn't touch the thermos at all. The daughter knew it because she saw his reflection in the windowpane.
"Why did you tell a lie?" she asked when they came out of the house. Then he replied. "There are things people accept less the more you defend them. The truer the story you tell, the less true it sounds." It is human nature but it might be difficult for the 10-year-old daughter to understand her father's point, which is that telling a small lie in this case let the host accept his account of accident much easier.

Then again, what would you do if you were in the situation?


Hubby took the sunset from the balcony of our condo.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


From time to time my daughter Aki has to go back to NY to get back her identity.
After a long flight and standing in a long line for about 1 and half hours at the immigration of Detroit Airport, she finally set her foot at La Guardia Airport, silhouetted against evening sky of Manhattan.
She has lived in many places including Osaka, Wakayama in Japan and Exeter in UK and Los Angels, Idaho, New Hampshire, New York in the United States. Among those places she always picks up NY her favorite. Since she left Japan last week I have checked her blogsite very often, but found just one posting on the day she arrived there. I can tell how she was happy being back there again between the lines. No wonder she can't find time to spare for reporting her life there. In her blog, she complained that the US government was getting more and more nervous about people coming into the country. I felt the same when I visited Portland, Oregon in August. My husband and I had to endure such an endless line at the pre-immigration of Vancouver Airport and being pestered with inquiries, photos, and fingerprints. I understand taking countermeasures against terrorism is very important and currently one of major issues in the US. However as my daughter said, they also have to be keen with people inside the country simultaneously. I assume there are numerous foreigners living there without appropriate visas. The country once I loved and admired have changed in many ways since 9/11 and more and more exclusive.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Turned 54

Yesterday I turned 54. Just unbelievable.
I'm not wise enough for my age. I'm not deep enough for my age. I'm not generous enough for my age. In conclusion therefore, I should go much further to make myself accomplished. I bought a picture book in Korean language for my birthday present. My husband presented me a red knapsack that I longed for.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Breathtaking View

Japan is a beautiful country specially when leaves are turning their color. This is "Kagami-ike," or "Mirror Lake" in English. The beautiful scenery was reflected in the surface of the lake as if the lake itself was a big mirror.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Time Slip

The second Monday of October is "Health Sports Day," a national holiday in Japan. My husband And I went to see a marriage parade which was one of the festival (Seishu Maturi) events held in Naga-cho, a small town near our condo. Naga-cho is Seishu Hanaoka's hometown. Seishu is well known as a developer of "Tusensan," an anesthetic. He also succeeded in breast cancer operation under general anesthesia 200 years ago.
They performed an old style wedding ceremony of Seishu and his wife Kae in "Honjin," an officially appointed inn for the use of Daimyo in the Edo period, and then bride headed to the bridegroom's house with her trousseaus. Upon bride's leaving home, her mother sweeps her room, father breaks her rice bowl, and brother and sister burn straws so that the bride never divorce and come back home again.
It was an afternoon with a threat of rain, but we enjoyed a brief time slip.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Precious Time

My husband took me to a small French restaurant to celebrate our 28th anniversary. It is located near his office and he often has lunch there. As he told me before, the young chef, also the owner of the restaurant, was very enthusiastic to create dish after dish, which were beautiful and tasteful. We really had a good time.
"I don't wanna forget my original resolution."
I was very impressed with the words my husband said during our conversation.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I recognized it again.

A single trifle quarrel messed up our dinner last night. Whenever we have an argument about something, it is always developed into a moody silence filled with various feelings of us, anger, irritation, regret, sorrow, and so on... We should have started arguing after dinner. It was as tasteless as sawdust. I knew it but realized again that a good conversation was the best seasoning for food.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I like that!

Got a letter from Glee, whose wedding ceremony I attended in August. Her handmade decoration on the envelope pleased me a lot. I like the stamps on it, too, which shows her characteristics well. There are 2 kinds of them. One is "BREAST CANCER, Fund the Fight, Fund a Cure," and the other is "STOP FAMILY VIOLENCE." The drawing of a crying child in the below stamp is symbolic.
In the letter I found her favorite 10 words liking to one another to create a circle. I remember those words were used at her wedding reception; Glee and Jeff (her husband) selected one word out of 10 for each guest. They chose "trust" for my husband and "experience" for me. Those words were written besides our name in the cards on the table.
Her favorite 10 words are...
Trust, Laugh, Amplify, Imagine, Create,
Experience, Listen, Believe, Blossom, Love