Tuesday, September 27, 2005

What's wrong?

My daughter blogged unusually in English last night. There seems to have been an unpleasant comment posted. I don't know what it was like because she deleted it already. There are always pros and cons about anything and it is OK as long as those opinions are claimed in thoughtful and considerate ways. However there are various people in this world and you can't defend your own blog or website from those offensive, rude, disgusting comments. So when it happens, just delete it and forget about it.
I know my daughter has been struggling in getting accustomed to Japanese society since she came back from the US 2 years ago. 7 years in her late teen and early 20s is a significant period of time and naturally she is influenced a lot by American culture and its way of thinking, which sometimes makes it difficult for her to make herself understood. What I want her is to keep good aspects of American way of thinking and those of Japanese way of thinking simultaneously in herself as I think that's the best and appropriate attitude of her.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Gray Power

Last week My daughter and I had lunch at a smorgasbord restaurant recently rising in popularity. It is famous with its organic food and always many people patiently queue up for seats. By paying 1600 yen ($15), you can enjoy about 60 healthy dishes within the time limit of 90 minutes. The wooden plate in the picture is about 25 cm in diameter. Usually 2 or 3 plates make us say "No more!"
However the lady sitting at the next table that day, somewhat reminding me of the heroine in the movie "Howl's Moving Castle," was finishing plate after plate silently and calmly. Where in her such a small and slender body, has all the food gone? She seemed to be older than me by 2 generations. We are astonished at her tremendous appetite. Then looking around, we found many elder people enjoying their lunch, some alone, some in couples, and some in groups. What a gray power! (I'm getting close though...)
Sept. 19 was Respect for the Aged Day. I learned through a survey that 20% of Japanese people are now 65 or older and the ratio will continue rising to reach 26% in 2015, which is remarkably high compared with western countries. Hopefully I would like to live till 100 in good health condition like the lady I saw at the restaurant. It might be possible as my grammy lived to 99 rather healthy for that age, and my 80- year-old parents are living by themselves.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Autumn is coming

Had a big lunch with hubby at our favorite restaurant near our house, which serves gorgeous Japanese cuisine. We ordered "Dobin-mushi" as an additional dish. It is a light soup containing matutake-mushrooms, served in an earthen teapot. Besides matutake-mushrooms, there are pike eels, ginkgo nuts in the soup. Matutake-mushroom is King of Autumn harvests and well known with its good and unique smell. I like it, but it's very expensive, and so we shared one teapot of soup.
Rich meals make people happy. We took a log nap in the afternoon.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

New way? No way?

Found an interesting article in the last issue of Asahi Weekly, a tabloid English paper I have subscribed for about 30 years.
According to the article, nowadays many American patients are heading for India to seek medical treatments.
It is well known that the US has a high quality medical circumstances but its expenses are high, too, particularly for those without health insurance, and also it takes a long time for treatment. Patients, fed up with such current situation in their homeland, are likely to look for new medical services.
Then why India? The article said that in Canada and America, you will see a lot of Indian doctors, like one out of every three or four, and many of them return to India with enough experience. Moreover medical cost there are much lower than that of the US, and it requires shorter term for treatment. Orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, cardiology, and infertility treatment are common demands. Indian government is positively promoting its medical industry for foreign patients and you can get one-year medical visa if you want. The satisfied patients have spread their success experiences by word of mouth and internet, as well.
When you make a big decision however, you should be very careful in choosing hospitals and doctors as in general people in India still endure medical treatments with low quality and poor sanitary condition. Recommendations and credentials might be helpful. And one more thing you should do is to persuade your family and friends who are against your crazy idea. They might say "No way!" in chorus.
I have a business friend in India, who is dealing with manufacturing diagnostic reagents. I've known him and his boss for more than 10 years and from time to time we have a pleasant conversation over the phone besides business discussion. India is therefore somewhat familiar with me although I've never visited there. Even so I am hesitative to choose the new way, although I don't say "No way!"

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Getting sick of it

Maybe because a big typhoon is approaching the Japanese Archipelago. Maybe because Aqua soft class has been closed for more than a month due to drainage repair of the summing pool. Well whatever the forced reason it may be, I'm getting sick of her too much dependence. Being an adviser or counselor is OK with me. Actually I'm put in that position from time to time.
Usually I just listen to them and then try to find out what they really want to do. Even though my view of point is exactly opposite to theirs, I just tell them what I think if I were in their position. That's it! I don't want to take care of them further than that.
I understand it is troublesome for her (one of my friends) to deal with the issue, and I want to help her to some extent. However she has been asking for my advice about every single trifle thing. That's too much for me.
Fortunately it seems that the issue will be clear sooner or later. I hope my patience will last till then.
Maybe because summer is struggling against fading away...

Monday, September 05, 2005

A pair of bowls

My husband made bowls after a long absence.
The bigger one on the rifgt is 15 centimeters tall and 7 centimeters across.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


"We are dealing with one of the worst natural disasters in our history," said President Bush.
He visited the stricken area several days after the first report of Katrina, a big hurricane, struck Gulf Coast at the end of August.
I have learnt a lot about the tremendous disaster through TV and internet news. The more information I got, the more devastating feeling occupied my mind. Is this really a natural disaster? In the first stage, yes, it is. It is very difficult, even impossible, to prevent natural disasters. However sluggish federal response and aid have created an aspect of man-made calamity. According to TV news, The stricken region is below sea level and the embankment, preventing water form pouring into the region, has become decrepit. They should have reinforced it? Far from it! They decreased the budget for maintain embankment.
It seems to me that since 9/11, 2001, the country have paid too much attention to anti-terrorism measures including Iraq issues. Actually I was little unpleasant when I was at pre-immigration booth in Vancouver Airport, having various inquiries, like fingerprints, a photo, an invitation card from Glee to prove my purpose of visiting the US.

I know it takes lots of, lots of effort, patience, aid not only domestically but also from overseas for recovering.
A lady said, "It came so fast! We didn’t even have time to think." Collapse in an instant, reconstruction forever!
I strongly hope people, suffering from Katrina, will get over it materially first, and the emotionally as soon as possible.
Play for those innocent victims.