Sunday, August 28, 2005

House of Flying Daggers

An action and love story directed by Zhang Yimou. The film was full of excellent wire actions and colorful scenes. Costumes designed by Emi Wada, a Japanese designer, was just wonderful. Zhang Ziyi, playing Shao-Mei, a blind courtesan, was breathtakingly beautiful in her various ancient Chinese costumes. Her dancing was perfect, too!
The story was basically a love triangle with layers of deceit set up by one another, and the situation changed again and again quickly, which makes the flick compelling. I like the bamboo forest scenes particularly.
Takeshi Kaneshiro was just cool throughout the film. I love him!

Saturday, August 20, 2005


I've been tied up with work since I came home from Portland, Oregon, but now I just want to write down brief travel notes here.

My husband and I took a 5-day/3-night trip only for attending Glee's wedding ceremony. Despite of such a short trip, what we've actually got from it were tremendous. I found Glee as the way she was, who I exactly knew in Japan 4 and a half years ago, and her husband-to be, oh yes, was the perfect guy for her. No wonder! I was really really happy to see them together.

The night before the ceremony, we were invited to their pre-wedding dinner party, and met a lot of their relatives and friends. Food was very good, conversation was much better, and people were by far the best. Time passed so fast and we really enjoyed ourselves.

On the big day, the sky was clear, and it breezed pleasantly on the summit of Mt. Tabor Park where the ceremony was held. Glee was in a gorgeous green dress with a flower crown, which went very well with grove of the park. In the Sunbeams streaming through the trees, She was so beautiful that I can't express my true feeling in my poor English (maybe even in Japanese, either). With the help of holy nature atmosphere and people surrounding and witnessing, they made their marriage vows in their own words. I was also very impressed with the words the ministry said.

On the evening of the day, we attended the reception held in a gym at Kennedy School. This was also Glee style, which was very casual but heartwarming event. Again food was very good, speeches and dancing were much more enjoyable, and people were by far the best!

In between our hectic schedule, we explored downtown Portland. We visited Saturday Market, Oregon Historical Society, and Portland Art Museum. Glee's kin gave us a ride one day, and we enjoyed riding a train another day. The town is well organized and famous with its beautiful roses. Time seems to go by slowly there.
I learnt how this northwest coast city was named as the second "Portland" through a taxi driver, who had recommended a nice restaurant on the night we arrived there. The conversation started with my first impression of the city.
"The atmosphere here somewhat reminds me of Boston," I said.
Then he went, "You made a very interesting mention!" He explained a part of American history and it was very interesting.
If we have another chance to visit there, I would like to take more time for sightseeing then.

Friday, August 12, 2005

hope it's gonna be a fine day!

We are leaving for Portland, Oregon this early evening.
I talked with Glee on the phone yesterday morning and she sounded happiest.
Her kin has already arrived there including four kids. I guess pre-wedding
party, held the night before the ceremony, will be a big fun. I'm going to
wear Yukata, a Japanese traditional Kimono for summer, at the party.
I'm so excited to see everybody there! I just hope it won't rain on Sunday as
both the ceremony and the reception are being held outdoors.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Excited about the reunion, but a bit worried...

Received air tickets this morning.
Checked the expiration of our passport validity.
Made hotel reservations.
What else should I do? Oh, yes. I need to go to the laundry shop to pick up 2 suits which my husband is going to wear at the wedding ceremony and reception.
Glee, my good friend, is getting married tomorrow next week and we will leave Japan for Portland, Oregon next Friday evening.
We are very excited to see her again! On the other hand however, I'm a bit worried about flying.
Recently Tokyo Haneda airport was forced to shut down for an hour due to an electrical problem at its control tower, suspending many passengers from traveling. Not only this accident but also Air France overrun at Tront Pearson International Airport, even though there were no deaths or injuries, make me a little nervous to take a long flight over Pacific Ocean. It is often said that one accident calls another and becomes serial for a while. In addition this time we fly to Portland via Vancouver Airport, where I was forced to get off a plane and spend 6 hours on 9/11/2001.
I just hope nothing irregular happens during our trip so that we can enjoy our reunion.