Monday, February 21, 2005

Death Penalty

In principle I don't support death penalty based on my theory that no one has a right to kill others in the name of justice, but currently I'm swaying toward accepting this extreme punishment.
According to a recent government survey, more than 80% of the valid respondents support for the death penalty, which is 2.1% higher compared to the previous survey conducted in 1999, exceeding 80% for the first time. It indicates that people in Japan have been more and more concerned about increasing heinous crimes in these days, and needless to say I'm one of them. In addition I'm very concerned about that many of those crimes are committed so easily without any obvious motives. Hard to understand... We are no more surprised to see articles in newspapers reporting kidnappings, child abuses, school intruders involved victims' fatality. If I were a family member of one of those victims, I surely would want the criminal to atone for his sin in the same way the victim had suffered. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I think it is very natural feelings.
However that maybe, as a libran with setting great value on balance in everything, I would like to consider rationally at the same time. Capital punishment maybe able to serve as a deterrent to serious crimes in a way, just like drunken driving has dramatically decreased owing to recent its penalty strengthening. On the other hand, since it it a matter of life and death, and judgment is done by human beings, capital punishment has to be dealt with very carefully. What I'm concerned most is how to prevent false charges because misjudgment can't be corrected after execution.
Everybody knows it is more important to eliminate crimes themselves rather than to strengthen penal regulations for them. But how? That's why I'm still swaying.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Healthy Dinner?

My daughter, having recently spent her vacation in NYC for about a week and gained 3kg, is currently on a diet.
She visited us last night and I made "Shokado"or Box Dinner in English, filled mostly with vegetables. According to her report, she has lost 1.5kg so far. I hope the dinner will contribute a little to her attempt.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

I don't care whatever the origin of Valentine's Day, but it's a good opportunity to show how much you love and care somebody. It's always so nice to receive chocolates, flowers, candies filled with love.
My hubby brought back 2 packs of chocolates and a beautiful bottle of German wine tonight. I guess they are all from his colleagues. Even though they may be simply out of sense of social obligation, it is still good to know that he has such colleagues.
Now a present from me? Well not today... I'm thinking of a special Korean dinner, maybe this coming weekend. I hope my hubby will like it

Friday, February 11, 2005

Well done!

It took me several days but I have finally completed reinstallation of OS. I wanted to ask for help from DELL technical support at first, as a stuff assured me of his help over the phone when I got ready with the required CDs. However I changed my mind and did it all by myself! I remembered I had a very precise manual how to do it. Yes, I have an experience of doing OS reinstallation 4 years ago, which means this was the second time for me. I made it at the first time, then why can't I do it again?
I proceeded with the task following the manual without any major problems. I think the manual DELL sent to me was terrific! Even I, such a person ignorant of computer system, managed it after all. I really appreciate for the manual.
OS reinstallation itself needed only half an hour, but it took me much more time to store the new configuration in the Windows registry. I had to set up internet connection, various software, and other download files. Yesterday I set up the last software that was for accounting, and now the whole system in my computer is restored.
Well computer is a wonderful magic box and now I can't live without it, but once out of sorts, it is nothing but such a troublesome and annoying box!