Sunday, January 30, 2005

Trinity Sunday

The title has nothing to do with Christianity (laugh).
Our daughter, Aki came back for the weekend and three of us got together again. We went to a spa nearby and enjoyed a relaxing moment. Had a big meal and a bunch of sweets. Nothing special, but a good family reunion!

Saturday, January 29, 2005


It's very irritating! I've been having computer troubles over the past few weeks. Mostly font troubles. Not only unable to see Korean websites, but also unable to type Korean characters. And what was even worse, it runs very slowly and easily get to freeze. With circumstantial judgment, I concluded that "internet explorer" was the root of all evil. It's dying.
In the beginning of this month I deleted all the spywares that Virus Buster 2005 had detected. Maybe I deleted something I shouldn't have done.
It's the last straw! I made up my mind to call DELL for an effective solution. 0120, a free call just like 1-800 in the States, is always very busy, but that was my day. I reached the technical support after waiting only for 3minutes and the person on the phone was very professional.
Considering with information I provided, he suggested reinstallation of the operation system. Though it's nothing boast about, I'm not good at such a complicated work. I hesitated to accept his suggestion at first. Then he proposed that he would assist me doing it over the phone. Wow, it would be reassuring for sure!
Well I have to backup all the data before calling the technical support again. That's another problem (wry smile).

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Step forward!

About a week ago, I was in a train going to a swimming pool down south. Recently I'm really absorbed in water exercise. Swimming and aquabics are very much fun for me. Although it takes me an hour train ride, I go to the swimming pool twice a week.
Warm air and regular jolting of a train always makes me sleepy. I was dozing over a book that day, too.
It was someone's weeping that brought me back from dreaming. Looking around the compartment, I found a family (I thought so.) sitting a little away from me. Parents (?) seemed to be in their mid 70s. Their son (?) must be around my age. Why is the son, such a grown man, weeping so sadly in public? I got to be very curious to know. I couldn't hear clearly but the son was complaining about something. At least it sounded like that. Soon his weeping turned into loud lamentation. Now I knew what he was saying. "I wanna go back! I wanna go back!" He cried over and over again...
I didn't know at first sight, but then realized that the son had been born with Down Syndrome. The parents were putting their desperate effort to make him calm down, but his determination of going back (to where?) sounded very strong.
Since the train was single-track operated, at a certain station, we sometimes had to wait for an opposite train to pass by. So the train stopped for a few minutes and all 3 doors of the compartment was open. Nothing but the son's crying occupied the whole compartment. Even now I can't think of any appropriate words to describe the atmosphere then exactly, but it is true that I felt some kind of pain in my mind and very sorry for both the parents, such elderly people, and the son with painful reluctance.
"Let me get off !" All of sudden, with a big cry, the son grabbed a black bag from his father and tried to get off the train from the nearest door. However it ended in failure due to the parents' quick prevention. Soon he did another trial from the second door. Again it ended in failure. Then I thought he would give up, but the third time does it! He got off the train from the third door rejecting his parents' begging. Everybody in the compartment was astonished.
"Catch him, please! Catch him, please!" Father shouted for help. He hardly could chased him as he had a little difficulty to walk. Fortunately our train was still waiting for the opposite train to come. Upon hearing the shout, I stood up automatically and at the same time, a station staff dashed to the son and forced him back to the train.
The son sat between his parents reluctantly and the train started slowly again as if nothing had happened.
I was with the family all the way to the end of the line. The son kept saying "I wanna go back!," and the parents kept convincing him that there was no home to go back. They changed the train at the terminal.
I don't know where they were heading for, why they had to move, but looking at their lonely back, I just hoped that the new place would be as nice and tender as the place where they used to live.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

9 out of 10

Took 5 minutes quiz to see how much I know about London English.
I've never been to England, and so I'm not familiar with typical London expressions. I enjoyed the quiz and the result was 9/10. The expressions are as follows.

  1. pear-shaped
  2. all over the shop
  3. The Tube
  4. having a bubble bath
  5. Bob's your uncle
  6. keep your hair on
  7. Hunk Marvin
  8. apples and pears
  9. smashing
  10. chips

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Time flies!

Got a Christmas letter from my daughter's former host family in Idaho. I don't know why, but it took unusually long time to reach here. Anyway I enjoyed reading it to trace their year of 2004.
The letter says that their daughter got a driver's license early last year and will be 17 years old next month. The picture of her smiling with a 1997 Honda Accord reminds me of my daughter's days with them. In 1995 my daughter was studying in Idaho as an exchange students and got a driver's license there.
My husband and I visited her at her host family and stayed with them for the last 10 days of 1995. My daughter celebrated her 17th birthday that year, and now her host sister, 7 years old at that time, is going to be of the same age. To me it is a kind of thing with deep emotion.
10 years have passed since we spent such a nice Christmas with them. Time flies!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

The year of the Cock

This is the year of Cock in Chinese astrology and also my husband's year. Looking back upon the year 2004, as "Disaster," the key word selected for symbolizing the year showed, there were a large number of natural disasters worldwide such as typhoons, floods and earthquakes. The biggest one was the massive tsunamis that hit South and Southeast Asia. Moreover we faced with many heinous crimes in Japan through the year. Some say that misfortunes never come singly, but I strongly desire that the year 2005 will turn a misfortune into a blessing.