Sunday, October 24, 2004

Strait Gate

My daughter is currently in NY. She seems very happy to be back there again after 1 year and 4 months absence. She loves NY, "a melting pot of races." Having experience of living in the States for 7 years in her late teens and early 20s, she is a lot influenced by American way of thinking. No wonder she had difficulties of settling herself back in Japanese society when she came back last year. So it seems that she has found her element in NY.
However The United States is now very exclusive to foreigners due to anti-terrorist measures. When she gave me a call from Detroit waiting for a flight bound for JFK a few days ago, she complained what a strict immigration inspection she had to go through. Fingerprints, taking photos, endless questions...
I understand, as one of those involved in 9/11 attacks, that they still have an aftereffect and people always have some sort of invisible fears. I'm sure those severe inspections are considerable, but they are only some of surface and direct countermeasures. From my view point, simultaneously appropriate measures have to be undertaken indirectly to solve the fundamental causes for such terrorist activities no matter how deep and difficult they are.
Anyway I just hope my daughter fully enjoy her stay in NY. She will be back to Japan at the end of this month.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Delicious food, Fruitful Chatting

Met my close friend last night.
Having delicious dinner, we talked mostly about her family trouble. She is now under divorce dispute. It is a big issue specially for a middle-aged woman. Whatever may happen in the future, I would like to be on her side.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Unlikely but Possible

Organ donation is one of my last wishes.
I would appreciate if some of my organs, not necessary for myself any longer, could be of help for those suffering from fatal diseases.
Now here's a rather odd question.
Let's say I get killed in a car accident instantly and then my heart is transplanted to somebody, would my spirit also be transplanted somehow to the recipient? It is unlikely but seems to be very possible, I think, as long as the organ "heart" is concerned.
That's the theme of a Korean drama I saw last night. It's a love story of a young couple, a man who lost his girl friend 3 years ago and a woman who went through a heart transplant operation. The donor was his late girl friend. Of course neither one of them knew the fact.
The first scene was at the airport. It was a fateful encounter. At the very moment when they passed each other, her heart beat became very fast as if it reacted to the man just walking past her.
Since then the woman has had a strange feeling. She doesn't know why, but feels that her heart doesn't belong to her and someone is staying there instead.
What about the man? He also feels something unusual. Whatever she does or says reminds him of his late girlfriend. Favorite songs, yes... Habit of saying, yes... He feels as if his late girlfriend were there.
I like this kind of story and believe in such extraordinary phenomena.
How will the story develop? I can't wait till next week!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Behind the grory

Ichiro made it!
He finally broke George Sisler's 84-year-old single season record of 257 hits and established a new world record!
I'm not interested in baseball either professional or amateur, but as a Japanese, I'm very proud of him and think that his unceasing effort and cool attitude toward himself are the keys of this great achievement.
In an interview Ichiro mentioned his gratitude not only to lots of fans but also his wife Yumiko and their dog Ickyu. "I'm not supporting him. His dream is our common dream and we always try our best to make it come true," said Yumiko. I'm very impressed with her words.
Mr. Isokazu Kubota is another important person who contributes a lot to Ichiro's accomplishment. He is a master craftsman who has made Ichiro's bats for 12 years.
He said that Ichiro was always sincere and had never asked to change the shape of his bat since he started making bats for him.
We should know that behind Ichiro's great achievement, there are so many people supporting him in various ways.
"Rome was not built in a day." That's very true.