Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Harvest Moon

I wish I could have enjoyed the beautiful full moon in September...
I hate the rain, I hate the coming typhoon!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

A Bad Rap

Unbelievable! Indignation! No idea if I were in the same situation...
A lady was falsely accused of murdering her mother. The case occurred a little while ago in Nagano prefecture and she was the first person to find. I don't know why but she was severely questioned by the police for 36 hours in 3 days.
According to her, the police coerced her into making a confession in many different manners, threatening one time, appeasing another, and even dangling a promise of a favorable bargaining. What made the police have such a firm confidence? I just can't think of any appropriate reasons. Due to the intensive inquiry, she suffered from depression. By submitting a medical certificate to the authorities, she was finally freed. Recently the true criminal was arrested but the police station only reported the fact to her. When its unfair investigation became uncovered, they reluctantly made an official apology to her, but those in charge of the case haven't apologized directly to her. Mr. Kono, who suffered from the same situation when Matsumoto sarrin attack occurred, said he would see her one of these days to ease her anger and stress.
The authorities... we feel very secured when they are on our side, but once they become an enemy, they give us a shudder.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


This is the movie I really wanna see now.
Based on a true story, the movie is about the life of a prostitute executed for her serial killings of 6 men. Without doubt, she is a monster. However Charlize Theron, who played the role of the criminal on death row, said in her interview that we should open our mind a little bit to see where this kind of people came from.
I saw a preview at a theater some time ago and very astonished at how much Charlize Theron devoted herself to the role and her physical transformation. She grabbed Academy Awards and Golden Globes after all.
Life is complicated but I believe there must be some ways to get out of a long dark winding tunnel.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

This isn't my day!

I sense autumn just around the corner, but It was very hot
during the day. I took an hour train ride and 30 minutes walking
to the swimming pool only to find that it was closed.
What a bad luck! I should have made a confirmation before I left home.
Normally I go to the swimming pool every Thursday to attend aqua soft
class. Aqua soft is a kind of water aerobics, but not as hard as that.
Tomorrow is the last class for this term. However my husband and I will
leave for a three-day fishing trip before dawn. That's why I wanted to do
some water exercise today. I wasted my precious time. Sigh...
On the way back home I stepped in a bookstore and bought textbooks for
Korean language. That's the only benefit for today.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Air Force One

My dear husband was away on his business trip yesterday.
As I had nothing special to do after early dinner all by myself,
I watched "Air Force One" on TV. If my memory is correct,
this is the third time to watch it.
Produced in 1997, the movie is about the terrorist taking over
the very gorgeous flying office of the White House and how
the 50 hostages on board including the president's family
escaped from the danger.
It is something special for me to watch this kind of movie at this
time of the year. I have a very complicated feeling at the fact
even terrorists have their own justice.
Hurrison Ford (as the US president) and Gary Oldman (the leader
of the terrorists) gave very credible performances.
I think Gary always does a good job when he plays a type of person
who goes bananas easily.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Third Anniversary of 9/11

2,749 lives were lost all of sudden by the terrorist attacks 3 years ago yesterday. To me, having been on board heading NY at the very moment, The fact still remains vividly in my mind with fear, uneasiness, and sorrow. I arrived in NY safely on September 15, although it was four days later than I was supposed to.

I visited NY again in November and went to ground zero.
What I saw was... The huge rubble that was once World Trade Center, indescribable smell, many missing personal ads with pictures pinned up here and there, such a thick air with howling of wondering souls...
Sorrow is beyond the words.

Last night I watched a special program on TV featuring a Japanese family of a victim. Mr. Sugiyama, a bank clerk working for Fuji Bank (now Mizuho Bank) , was forced to end up his life in his office on the 80th floor of WTC the second tower. He was married and had 2 sons. His wife was pregnant. The program showed how deeply the bereaved family suffer from the incident and how strongly they try to recover from the shock.

This program reminded me of Aki's friend, a senior at college. She was also working for the same bank. However by chance, she took a day off that day(9/11) as her mother was visiting her from Japan.
If she had been to the office as usual, she might have been killed. What a fortune! Nobody knows what may happen tomorrow.

Providence never gives us a hurdle that is too high to leap. I pray all victims' souls may rest in peace.

Monday, September 06, 2004


Such a big one!
A little after Sunday dinner, I was in front of PC writing in my diary.
All of sudden quake of magnitude 5 struck us here.
11th floor of an apartment, where we live, was shaking and swinging
so badly that I got panic slightly. I knew the best way to survive
an earthquake was to hide under a table.
The second quake occurred around midnight was even stronger.
I got in touch with Aki. Thank God! She was OK.
Earthquakes, typhoon and volcanic eruptions are natural disasters.
We should prepare for the worst. I'm scared!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Back to School

In this season, students in the States go back to school.
After a long vacation with various events like summer camp or
internship program, college students head back to school.
Preparing for the new school year is kind of exciting.
Stocking up on new school equipment, buying autumn clothes,
and even packing with a lot of food and sweets.
Imagine yourself being on campus! Imagine yourself seeing
your friends again! Imagine yourself living in a new dorm
with a new roommate! How exciting!
It's been quite for a while since I left campus. I wish I could be
there again as a student. I know it's almost impossible, but
if possible, if I have a chance, I do want to study counseling
psychology at college either in Japan or the States. This is one of
my dreams.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

September 1

Today is my brother's birthday. He has turned to be 47 today.
I clearly remembered the day when he was born.
September 1 is the beginning of the second term at school
and I, a second grader then, was dressing when my father
came upstairs with the big news.
"Boy! It is a boy!" He cried out with joy, although the baby
was his second son.
A few days later I visited mom and the new face at the
midwife's house, where my mom had given birth to the baby
boy. In those days it was very common to deliver a baby in
such a private house.
Mom was lying very happily and the baby sleeping right next
to her looked very healthy and cute!
Through the window of the room upstairs, a big tree was seen.
From the tree, house lizards were falling down into the room
one by one. I was very worried about it and asked mom,
" Do the lizards bite the baby?"
Time flies! It is 47 years since then.
Hope everything goes well for him through the year!