Friday, July 30, 2004

Goal Setting

In doing anything, having a clear set of goals is quite an encouragement.
Though it is required to consider where you set the destination of your achievement.
I always try to set those goals somewhere in between , a point seemingly reachable if I try hard and another seemingly unreachable no matter how hard I try. It sometimes works well and sometimes not. Even the result is the latter case, it helps me to evaluate my achievement at least, I mean how close I have come to.
The instructor for my water exercise class, I think,  is not good at making appropriate assessment of her students' abilities. Therefore what she requires us is not always effective.
I know it is very difficult to teach someone something as I used to teach English language.
I wish she were more aware of her students age span and individual ability.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Nobody Knows

Yuya Yagira, who played the leading role in the movie "Nobody knows," won the Best Actor Award of Festival De Cannes. I saw him the other day in a talk show "Tetsuko's Room." 
He looks like a typical 14-year-old boy, worrying about assignments for the summer vacation and the entrance examination for high school coming next year, but his eyes are something different.
The story is about 4 children, brothers and sisters, left behind in a small apartment. The director focused on how strong their tie was to survive positively all by themselves. 
The story was based on a true story. 
I'm looking forward to seeing it!   

Monday, July 26, 2004

A big Donation!

What if you win a big amount of lottery?
It's an amazing news that 200 million yen lottery ticket was given
to Fukui flood victims.
Who donated the ticket is unknown.  
Actions speak louder than words.  What a good deed!

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Quote of the day

Torahiko Terada, a Japanese physicist and essayist, said...
"Those so-called wise men are just like swift travelers.
They could reach the destination where nobody had ever been,
However they are likely to overlook something important on a
small side road.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Neighboring Countries

Our President Junichiro Koizumi recently had a talk with President Roh Moo Hyun of South Korea on Cheju Island. Next year we will mark the 40th anniversary of normalization of relations between the two countries.
The news reminded me of the movie "Summer of Chirusoku, " which I saw a week ago. The movie is about the first love of teenagers, between a Korean boy and a Japanese girl. It was late 70s when they first met each other. In those days South Korea was under martial law and the government imposed a curfew. Japanese songs were also prohibited there. Due to  the unfortunate history, people in both countries had strong prejudice toward people of the other country. Despite of various barriers, ardent love of the couple in the movie was so pure that I couldn't help but cried.
Whenever I think about international relationship, I feel sorry that individual relations mostly work well, but when it comes to country-to-country relations, we always have so many barriers to get over.
As for Korean Peninsula, Japan has to keep working on normalization of relations with North Korea although there are so many difficult problems to solve such as nuclear and abduction issues. 

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Although having a website of my own, there are many challenges ahead of me before being a blogger. I got a response, from Blogger Support, to the question I had asked. I'm satisfied with how they dealt with the problem for the time being. It was very educational. However I wish I knew much more about template tags. Anyway It was a significant step for me.  Just keep learning!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


July 20 is the Ocean Day, due to "Happy Monday," however, 19 was the holiday this year.
So over the last three-day weekend, stayed at my daughter's. I don't know why, but felt something very similar to my memory of staying with her in NY 2 year's ago.
Time flies. It's a year since she returned from the US. Having spent 7 years overseas in her late teens and early 20s, from time to time she seems to have difficulties to get into the right swing of living in her homeland.
Happened to see stray kittens living in the vacant lot next to her apartment. Took several pictures of them.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Afternoon Tea

Did water exercise for one hour, had a big lunch and afternoon tea with my daughter, Aki. Need more exercise and going on a diet for a while.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

English Town

Attended 5 o'clock session.
Teacher is from UK but now lives in Bali. I've met her before. There were 5 other students and today's topic was "Express Your Love."
First we discussed about how we felt about public displays of affection.
Japan is still a kind of traditional country and has a bowing culture rather than hugging and shaking hands. Thus as middle-aged Japanese woman, I feel something unpleasant when I see young people showing their affection in public although it is becoming more and more common for younger generation. On the contrary it seems very natural to me or sometimes even touching that western people do the same thing, it may be because of cultural differences.
The next topic was what is the right age to get married. From my viewpoint, it depends a lot on individuals because some people are matured in their early 20s and some are still not matured even in their mid-30s. In my case, when I got married, my husband was 20 and I was 26. I don't know if we were matured at that time, but we celebrated our 25th anniversary 2 years ago and did a memorial trip to China. So far I'm very satisfied with my marriage life. Here the teacher explained "Toy Boy" and "Sugar Daddy" a bit. (wry smile)
The last topic was international relationship. What kinds of problems could you have ? There are piles of problems we have to solve in international marriage I think, like language barrier, cultural differences, religious and political matters, the way of thinking, etc. Oh yes, it is also very important to think about how close the family tie is, as in some countries it is so close that once you get married, you would have a responsibility to take care of the whole family. If your love is mightier than those various problems, your relationship goes on, otherwise you have to be very patient to understand those differences.
I like the topic and it was a fruitful session.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Rainy season is over

According to TV news, rainy season here in Kinki area is over. Scorching heat is going on...