Friday, May 13, 2016

Seeing is Believing

Hubby left for his fishing trip with his brother this morning and I had lunch alone with the leftover from the box lunch I had made for him and his brother early in the morning.

It was a bit gorgeous compared to usual lunch for myself at home. I ate them all of course.

Mostly I watch TV or listen to music while eating meal alone, but today I read an article on the internet, which is about U.S. President Barack Obama's great dicision.
According to the article, he will visit Hiroshima, the city destroyed by an atomic bomb at the end of WWII, after the G7 summit held later this month.
It will be the first visit to the site by a sitting U.S. president, and our prime minister Sinzo Abe will accompany him.

I truly welcome the president's brave decision despite of the persistent objections by war veterans and believe this is very significant and meaningful visit not only for the 2 countries, one using the atmic bomb and one sacrificed by it, but also the whole world seeking nuclear abolition.

Many years ago my American friend, living in Japan at that time, eagerly wanted to visit Peace Memorial Musium in Hiroshima and upon request I accompanied her.
She took a lot of time and saw many pictures and documents displayrd there earnestly and each step made her less talkative. It must have been hard and painful for her to face the cruel facts particularly among many Japanese visitors. I understood her feeling some how as I had the same kind of feeling when I visited Arizona Memorial in Hawaii with my mom in mid 90s, seeing the sunken battleship and names of the victimes graven on the monument. Surrounded by many American visitors, we finished the tour with some sort of guilty feeling.

I visited Hiroshima twice, Nagasaki and Pearl Harbor once respectively and learned how the war started and ended.

What I can say from those experiencies is very simple. Seeing is believing.

Apology is not needed. I only want Mr. Obama feel something, as a human being and the president of the United States, from his historic visit.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year.

Wishing Year of the Monkey brings you a carm, peaceful and yet productive days.

 Dawn from my balcony.
 Annual event.
Good-bye to Year of the Sheep and say hello to Year of the Monkey.
 This is just for the two of us.
Very quiet table.

Monday, November 23, 2015

One Day Trip to Kyoto

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down but not that day.
I know our granddaughter is a rain brainger.(wry smile)

Two weeks ago, the quintet family consist of hubby and I, our daughter, our son in law and our granddaughter took a day trip to Kyoto.
I'm not sure exactly but it was 4th or 5th trip de quintet probably.

Our destination this time was Arashiyama famous with its aesthetic bamboo grove and beautiful autumn leaves.

As we have warmer autumn this year than usual,
it wasn't the best time for the autumn leaves unfortunately,

But the scenery was just beautiful and there were a lot of foreign turists
even though it was rainy Monday

 And I heard Korean and French languages a lot.


I felt that the drizzling rain made the bamboo grove 
even more beautiful. The atmosphere was very special.


Our granddaughter was absorbed with picking up fallen leaves.
We enjoyed Japanese cuisine.
As you know, no matter how mucg we eat,
there's always room for dessert.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Busy Hubby

Hubby sent me 2 pictures from his shooting locations. The first one is from a temple in the suburbs, Osaka last Sunday and the other one is from a nursery school also in the suburbs, Osaka on the Culture day(11/3), a national holiday. Yes, he has been busy with his work in these days and often works even on Sunday and a legal holiday.

It used to be said that Japanese people are diligent and hard workers; that's why we accomplished such a miracle economic growth after World War II.
I'm sure it is basically true even now, but on the other hand, it is also true that things have been a little bit changed.
Many people, particularly younger generations, tend to put an importance more on their private life rather than work compared to the old days.
Young fathers are nowadays more involved in child-rearing as more mothers go back to work after maternity leave. It isn't common yet in our country but fathers are getting to take childcare leave as far as their circumstance permit.

Considering his generation, my hubby has been a very good father to our daughter and participated most of her school events although he was very busy with his work in his 30s and 40s. It was about 15 years ago, upon our daughter's request, he took 10 days off, which required him a lot of effort, and visited her in NYC where she lived then.

Time has passed and now he is a good grandfather to our 4 years old daughter and enjoy being with her from time to time.

He is always busy as a husband, as a father, as a grandfather and as a cameraman for living. And I'm happy that he seems enjoy being in each of the valuable positions.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Sewing Life Recently

It was about 3 years ago when my daughter and her husband got me a red sewing machine as a gift for my Kanreki Anniversary.

Since then I have made many things, mostly dresses for my grannddaughter and sometimes for myself. I'm not a very good sewer for sure but I do really love sewing.
I can concentrate on sewing for many hours and you know, time passes so quickly when doing something you really like.

One of the reasons for my fewer postings in the past is that I devoted much of my time to sewing.

Today I would like to show you some items I made recently. I tend to make small household goods rather than cloths in these days...

Anyway my sewing life is keeping on!

Original name tag.
"Bahba" is romanized Japanese meaning grandma.
The name tag makes my work look nicer I guess...

Kindergarten sub bag for my granddaughter. She loves the fox pattern.

Tissue case made with the leftover fablic form the above bag. 
Cushion cover also made with the left over fablic from the bag

 Bib and cutlery case as a gift set for a new born baby boy.
Snoopy shows how to wear the bib so that it can catch dropping food.
Piping is a bit challenging for me.

Place mat for my granddaughter,
made with the leftover fablic from the above gift set.

Eco bag for myself. I love the cat pattern and colors.

Tissue case made with the leftover fablic
from the above eco bag.

Apron for my granddaughter.
It can be fold into the center pocket.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Harvest Moon

Harvest moon 2015 was the day before yesterday but the full moon, actually super moon this year, was yesterday.

Viewing harvest moon is a tradition that originally come from China and we eat Tukimi (moon vierwing) dumplings while enjoying the beautiful moon.

In the morning the day before yesterday, I stood in line at the local confectionary shop to get someTukimi dumplings so that I could enjoy the tradition with my hubby.

Such a beautiful moon.
Autumn has finally settled in. The sky is clear and the air of autumn night was very comfortable.

We stayed in the balcony for about 30 minutes and got into the living room as the temperature was getting lower.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

One Saturday Lunch with Hubby

I'm so glad that scorching summer days have finally gone and my favorite season is coming.

I don't know why but today my hubby said that he wanted to cook lunch for me and went out for grocery shopping by himself.

This is a bit expensive olive oil from Shodoshima island which is famous with its good olive growing there. This is a gift from my friend born and raised in Shodoshima island. Hubby wanted to use it for today's lunch.

So aqua pazza is ready now. Of course the olive oil was used for it and we also put the oil on the baguette to see directly what the taste it likes. Actually it was pure, as you almost can't recognise it in the small white plate in the picture, light and simple taste but I guess we should have used it for salad or marinating some vegitables or fish to fully enjoy its pure taste .

I'm very thankful for hubby's effort for sure, but to be honest with him, the acqua pazza was a bit thin taste and so I added Sal Liquida, given by our son in law the other day, to fix its taste.

While having lunch we talked a lot including the little adorable creature that hubby met on his way back from grocery shopping. Hubby said his finger must have been so comfortable that it sat there for a long time.

We enjoyed lunch that took more than an hour today.